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Care | REF. CS_Care Set 6


4x 25 ml Wash, 2x 25 ml Condition, 1x Comb, 1x Cashmere booklet, 1 box

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Care set 6 is a little "starter package" which includes 4 Wash detergents (25 ml), 2 conditioners (25 ml), a cashmere comb and the 'ABC of cashmere care'. The Allude Wash is especially for cashmere, and is made from natural ingredients, making it good for the skin. A special composition of essential oils is added, giving the clothes a natural light fragrance. For extra care to the cashmere hair, Allude recommends the Allude cashmere conditioner. Please note, the conditioner should be used only once every ten washes. With the Allude comb you can remove irritating bobbles which appear through wear, restoring the jumper good as new.
 A tip from Andrea Karg: 
 Never use a cashmere shaver, as this can damage the yarn and can cause holes. The 'ABC of cashmere care' is put together by Andrea Karg, chief designer and owner of Allude, giving you special tips from the cashmere queen. All together in the beautiful Allude box - perfect as a present!