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LIVING | 01.06.2017

When Perfumes met Cocktails: The Fragrances Bar in Berlin

Cosy lounge chairs invite guests to relax to the sound of chill-out music, while bartenders are busy mixing amber-coloured and bright liquids behind the bar. At first glance, the Fragrances Bar at Potsdamer Platz in Berlin seems like any other spot serving cocktails and long drinks. But as soon as the bartender approaches the table, it becomes clear that the evening will be about more than just ordinary drinks.


Instead of a cocktail menu guests are brought a tray of fragrant perfumes. Before they can enjoy a chilled drink, they must first sniff it.


Fragrances Bar is the very first bar to take perfumes as inspiration for mixing drinks. Guests can choose among exclusive perfume classics such as Guerlain, Frédéric Malle or Annik Goutal. Once they’ve picked their favourite fragrance, the bartender gets busy replicating the aroma in the cocktail shaker. This doesn’t only sound like magic but tastes like it.


Insider tip: If you want to learn more about this extraordinary matter, make sure not to miss the “Luxury Perfume Weekend”, which was developed in collaboration with the Berlin perfume maker “Frau Tonis Parfum”. The workshop starts in a perfumery where participantscreate their own personal perfume with the help of an expert. In the evening, Fragrances Bar chef Arnd Heissen will then serve each participant a unique cocktail based on his or her self-made perfume.

Info: Fragrances

Photos: The Ritz-Carlton, Berlin / Natalia Kepesz