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LIVING | 30.05.2018

Trend Report: We Scream for New Ice Cream

There’s no question about it: chocolate, vanilla, strawberry are the classics that will never go out of style. But as it is with classics: sometimes they can be a bit boring. Luckily, there has been a veritable explosion of new flavours in recent years: Matcha, basil-cucumber or avocado are not only healthy choices that challenge your taste buds, they also make for great pictures on Instagram thanks to their unusual, green colour. Also new in the colour spectrum is black ice cream. Yes, you’ve heard right: thanks to activated carbon (which is also all the rage in masks and face creams due to its cleansing effects), there are now varieties such as “Black Vanilla” or “Black Mamba”. The trend even extends to soft-serve: if you’re in the mood for black soft-serve ice cream, pay Little Damage in Los Angeles a visit.

But it is not only the flavours where you see creativity at play but also the ways ice cream is being served. Nowadays you can find a whole range of serving vessels that go beyond waffle cones or cups. The most prominent so far is so-called rolled ice cream, a technique that originates in Thailand: Rolled ice cream is made by pouring still liquid cream on a frozen metal plate and letting it freeze to a wafer-thin layer. This layer is then scraped up with a spatula to create little rolls, which are then arranged in the cup in the form of a rosette – together with lush toppings, they form true works of art.

And do you remember croughnuts, the trendy mix of croissant and doughnut? The latter pastry is now experiencing a new crossover: Los Angeles-based bakery B Sweet is filling doughnuts with ice cream. Also wrapped in dough is the ice cream at “Sweet Rolled Tacos”: here rolled ice cream hides within colourful, sweet “tortillas”, which in combination with extras like marshmallows, Oreo biscuits or candy canes become a true dream for anyone with a sweet tooth. For nutrition-conscious gourmets many ice cream parlours, including Mos Eisley in Berlin, offer a whole range of vegan varieties. Indulging without remorse: yum!

Photos: 10belowicecream.com, littledamage.com