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CULTURE | 30.09.2019


Sometimes they make us smile, other times they are scary, they can inspire, motivate and give answers to questions that nobody else wants to answer. There are podcasts on every topic and for every pastime. And once you’ve found the right podcasts, the morning drive to the office will probably be the best time of the day. We have compiled our 5 favourite podcasts from various genres for you:

1. Paardiologie (german)

What it’s about: Real Talk, Audio-Therapy, Relationship, Love, Real Life

For four months now, Charlotte Roche and her husband Martin Keß have been talking extremely openly and personally every Friday in their podcast “Paardiologie” about their long-standing partnership, their love, bizarre stories, but also about deep abysses and difficult crises. After 15 emotional and amusing episodes, this was supposed to be the end of the story. But the longing for more was heard: a second season is being produced. And we still have one more reason to look forward to Friday.

2. Reisen Reisen (german)

What it’s about: adventure, travel, wanderlust, insider tips, fun

Jochen Schliemann and Michael Dietz have already travelled to over 100 countries and describe in their podcast what you can experience in the world apart from an all-inclusive holiday. This podcast is the best distraction for grey autumn days. But beware: it causes acute wanderlust! While listening to them talking about foreign cultures, funny anecdotes and exotic places, your own bucket list of destinations becomes endless. In winter, by the way, the two will be touring through Germany with their podcast.

3. Fashion No Filter (english)

What it’s about: Fashion Circus, Influencers, Interviews, Careers

With a lot of charm and humour, the two French fashion journalists Camille Charriere and Monica Ainley give us an insight behind the scenes of the glamorous fashion and media world. They take us to the Fashion Weeks, reveal what happens backstage and take a close look on street style trends and instagram hype. And they chat with industry insiders such as model Arizona Muse, Instagram icon Eva Chen and Galeries Lafayettes Creative and Merchandising Director Clara Cornet.

4. Der Abgrund (german) 

What it’s about: crime story, novel, thrill, fictional series

Der Abgrund” by bestselling author Melanie Raabe is not a podcast in the classic sense, but a fictional crime series, which competes with thriller and true crime podcasts like the highly praised “Zeit Verbrechen“. If the stories weren’t so thrilling and it wasn’t so hard to stop after an episode, the 20-minute tales would be perfect for listening to at lunch break or waiting in line at the post office.

5. Mindful Mess (german / english)

What it’s about: conscious living, sustainability, self development

On topics such as sustainability, transparency in the fashion industry and conscious lifestyle, Austrian Madeleine Daria Alizadeh is something of a pioneer in the German-speaking social media world. With her former blog and Instagram Account DariaDaria and, since 2017, her podcast “A Mindful Mess“, she has been fighting for environmental protection and equal rights and points out problems that call for change – in short, she inspires people to reflect and discuss issues that should concern us all. It’s not about being perfect, it’s about making your own small contribution to a better world.