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STYLE | 01.09.2016

Timeless Inspiration: Pre-Fall Looks by Allude

There wasn’t really much of a summer this year: For weeks we stepped outside in cardigan and tights instead of airy dresses, ate our ice creams under the shelter of an umbrella and made sure to bring an emergency fleece blanket to garden parties.

How can you beat the premature autumn blues? Celebrate the season, instead of looking out the window in a huff – for example, with cuddly classics that look great while keeping you warm even in changing weather conditions. It’s for good reason that the current Pre-Fall Collection by Allude focuses on fashionable evergreens that work for any time of day or season and mood.

Whether you’re on your way to the gym, to the next meeting or enjoying a cosy girls’ night at home: the capes, sweaters, shorts and cardigans in natural tones, such as ice grey, black, rust and beige pink, can easily be thrown on without wasting a lot of time in front of the closet. The only difficulty is in deciding which of the pretty pieces is to move in with you soon. In order to make the decision a bit easier for you, we’re giving you a first glimpse with these styling tips. Let yourself be inspired!

Pre-Fall Looks von Allude: Chic

Almost anyone working in an office knows the feeling of the cold slowly creeping into your hands. Turning up the heating as far as it will go can cause Sahara-like conditions in your face. A beautiful and warm alternative to a blazer is a slit cashmere cape, which can be worn over a thin turtleneck sweater. So much understated elegance calls for a statement accessory. For example, this bead necklace by Marni.
Info: Parfume by Louis Vuitton, notebook by Smythson

Pre-Fall Looks von Allude: Sportlich

Especially in the winter months, excuses such as “Why I can’t go to the gym today under any circumstances” roll off the tongue more easily than ever. Too cold, too rainy, too windy … A reliable motivational booster is not, as you may think, a personal trainer but the right outfit. Warm cashmere sweatpants keep frosty air at bay and add just the right amount of glamour to their wearer even during sit-ups, “downward-facing dog” and other healthy contortions. With the Pebble Time Round it is easy to record and analyse your athletic achievements.
Info: The Row „11“ Backpack, sports braLuluLemon
Pre-Fall Looks von Allude: Casual

What makes Sundays even better aside from freshly frothed lattes and Bircher mueslis (trend!)? Sunshine, for sure. And should it make itself scarce: Put on a cuddly sweater, start the novel which has waited for months on the bedside table and light your favourite scented candle. Our favourite: the “Mimosa” of the Parisian luxury brand Diptyque). Another must is of course one of our wonderfully warm and very decorative cashmere blankets.
Info: Crème by Aveda via Ludwig Beck