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STYLE | 08.06.2018

This winter will be bright: Allude Fall/Winter Collection 2018/2019

When nights get longer and temperatures colder, the world seems sometimes to lose all its colour – only black and white remain. But not in the new Allude Collection for the Fall/Winter season 2018/2019: Bright shades and dynamic athleisure cuts carry the easiness of summer into the winter

Chutneys, Jam, Jellies: Making confections is a perfect way to capture the colours, smells and tastes of summer. If you open a jar of peach jam in the middle of dark, rainy November night, you can reassure yourself: the heat, the light, the shades – this all was real and it will come back. Just like the preserves, the candy and jewel colours of the new Allude Autumn/Winter Collection are also an adherence of summertime. Take for example the different shades of blue, which were created for the collection: mid-blue like the majestic hydrangeas in the Bretagne. Or, another example, the turquoise blue like the Côte d’Azur in the midday heat. Or last but not least the light blue of a dull morning sky in July when it is already hot at 7 am in the morning.

Part of the pastel shades is also a powdery pink, that resembles the blossom of a peony. But pink and red shades don’t have to be light, they can also be loud, for example, an eye-catching red in the tone of a mellow cherry. Combine that with a red lip and you have a statement look, which will serve you better than coffee in the morning could. A dark shocking pink – just like a fuchsia – and a violet in the shade of an amethyst are also part of the red-palette, jewels being the second major inspiration beside flowers and fruits for the new cashmere treasures. Alongside the amethyst, emeralds and Lapis lazuli’s are further extremely precious sources of inspiration. No wonder, you feel equally noble in the sweaters.

The intense colours of the products speak for themselves: They influence our mood and attract everyone’s attention. Because of that, most of the items are plain, without any patterns or any other distractions. That also means the cuts were kept very simple: they don’t distract from the spectacular tinges. There is nothing complicated about the cuts, instead, they are made in the tradition of a very clean, minimalistic athleisure chic. More precisely, this simplicity means for women and men: Jogging pants with cuffs, soft and smooth leggings made of cashmere, mid-length stretch dresses, flimsy sweaters with turtlenecks, round necks or hoods are dominating the collection. What you won’t find is heavy, voluminous, coarse knitwear: Since the ease, the lightness and also the sportiness of summer’s fashion shouldn’t stop just because it becomes colder. Instead of taking a winter dormancy, keep being active, being at ease, staying on the move – and then wonder next spring how far you’ve come.