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CULTURE | 25.09.2018

The new floral art – 5 inspiring flower stylists from Berlin to New York

Flowers are the quintessence of perishable beauty. With their unique shapes, colours and fragrances, they bring the beauty of nature to our homes. They ground us, bring joy and are currently experiencing a small revolution. It’s nothing new that the world of fauna and flora serves as a great source of inspiration – be it in art or fashion, for example. At the moment it is also the other way round: the florists 2.0, who now call themselves Flower Stylists or Floral Designers, are inspired in their flower arrangements by current trends, old master painters or hip graphic designers. The old florist rules are completely discarded. The results are unconventional and breathtaking bouquets and installations – in fact almost works of art that we can’t get enough of. We introduce you to 5 inspiring flower stylists that you should instantly follow on Instagram…


Worm @wormlondon

Friends Terri Chandler & Katie Smyth share even two passions in their London studio WORM: Flowers and books. The idea of opening a gift delivery service that combines books with extraordinary bouquets of flowers was at first literally a schnapps idea. In the meantime, they have published a book alongside their studio, give workshops and equip leading labels and special events with their bouquets and flower installations.

Meta Flora @metafloranyc

The sculptural compositions of former fashion stylist Maria Competello are as extraordinary as they are breathtaking. Inspired by graphic designers like Patrick Nagel, Competello creates minimalist arrangements of dramatic coloured anthuriums, pampas grass or smokebush in her New York studio Meta Flora. “My work is an overdose of the 80s,” she once aptly told the New York Times.

Mary Lennox @ruby_marylennox

The Australian-born florist Ruby Barber is enjoying her love and passion for flowers in her Berlin based Studio Mary Lennox. The theme at Mary Lennox: breaking the rules! Today she is not interested in florist rules at all. Instead,  Barber lets herself be inspired by her travels and intuitively guided by the flowers – modern and classic arrangements with a good portion of the unexpected are the result, which she presents in exciting cooperations and commissioned works for clients such as Gucci or Lufthansa.

Putnam & Putnam @putnamflowers

Tattooed, stylishly dressed and with a lot of charisma: At first sight, the Putnam couple wouldn’t seem to be in the flower business – but they are THE flower stylists of the New York upper class. Darroch, actually a photographer and Michael, former interior designer, convince with their unique aesthetics of lush Romanticism with antique color palette and elaborate set arrangements reminiscent of still lifes of the Old Masters of Painting. Most of their loyal customers are in the fashion industry, such as the luxury department store Bergdorf Goodman or the Vogue magazine.

Swallwos and Damsons @swallowsanddamsons

Ranunculus are Anna Potter’s all-time favourite flowers. But what the season has to offer ends up in her bouquets. Inspired by everything that surrounds her – from art, design, interior, fashion to nature itself – she creates unconventional, wild yet classic arrangements. In Sheffield she runs her “Little Flower Shop” together with her husband. Her floral creations currently inspire impressive 179,000 Instagram followers.

Fotos Header: @ruby_marylennox