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STYLE | 01.12.2017

The Gift of Giving: The Allude Xmas Guide for Kids

Today’s children already have everything anyway. After all, they are showered with gifts by uncles, aunts, grandmothers and grandfathers all year long. The Allude guide too features some small attentions, but these are so carefully curated that each item is very special in itself. How about, for example, a fine cashmere sweater instead of the xth model? Or a cool skateboard in a retro design?

Knit dress for girls by Allude
Even girls who swear by pants will love this simple navy cashmere dress. With its loose fit and practical pockets, it is as comfortable and casual as your favourite sweater. Not to mention its cuddly soft feel on the skin…

Matrioshca animals by Smallable
Fidget spinner? No thanks. We definitely prefer the pretty matrioshca animals to promote patience and relaxation. Looking at their cute googly eyes will calm you down in no time. Lined up one after the other in the children’s room, the team will watch over the sleep of your youngest.

There’s a Tiger in the Garden by Lizzy Stewart
Santa Claus doesn’t even really exist. And there’re certainly no tigers in one’s own backyard! The little protagonist of Lizzy Stewart’s book There’s a Tiger in the Garden is especially convinced of the latter. After all, tigers live in the jungle. Paula’s grandmother, however, is certain that she’s seen one scurry by. Or not? … A wonderfully beautiful story about the power of fantasy.

Toy box by Bloomingville
Here a block, there a My Little Pony and if parents are not careful at night, a tiny Lego stone bores into their heels. Nursery rooms very often resemble tricky minefields, but oh the outrage if mum hurriedly clears the floor … The solution could lie in this beautiful toy box from Bloomingville (seen on Minimarket.com), whose Scandinavian design transforms chaos into visual calm. Not to forget the many, many things that fit inside. The starting point to turn any evening clean-up into a parent & children event cheered on by the funny quotes on the side of the box as motivational mantras.

Skateboard by Penny in citrus orange
Hoverboards are a must-have on play streets. But this bright skateboard by the Australian brand Penny is sure to attract much more attention. With it your offspring is guaranteed to race by the Hoverboard group at the speed of light – not without performing one or the other trick in the process, of course.

Cardigan for boys by Allude
It’s got to be classic. No frills for sure. But above all, cool! The garment of today has to meet quite a lot of demands. How fortunate that this casual sweater made of merino and cashmere wool with decorative stripes by Allude can easily keep up.

My T-Rex Puzzle by Londji
The colourful dinosaur puzzle by the Argentine illustrator Mariana Ruiz Johnson is so lovingly drawn and rich in detail that you almost forget to put it together when you look at all the individual pieces. The puzzle is not only pretty to look at, however, but also environmentally friendly. It consists of recycled cardboard and, after assembly, can be hung up as a pretty picture on the wall following a few simple steps.

Floral notebook by Rifle Paper
Because the commercially available stationery was too boring for them, graphic designer Anna Bond and her husband Nathan simply took matters into their own hands. What began as a two-person business in 2009 is now inspiring countless friends of penmanship around the world. Like this notebook by Rifle Paper. Whether you want to record favourite memories, drawings or secret messages to a best friend: There’s room here for just about everything. A cool extra is the small pocket on the back.