STYLE | 13.12.2017

The Gift of Giving: The Allude Xmas Guide for Gentlemen

No man needs some lousy socks and the 10th perfume. But where do you find the kind of special gift that will evoke jealous glances and curious questions? Luckily, there’s no need for time-consuming travel to far-away places in order to find the right gift. Just take a look at our pretty list!

Original Man by Patrick Grant
Andy Warhol, Freddy Mercury or Federico Fellini. Even decades after their death, their radiance has not diminished. But what makes them so special? For his book Original Man the British gentleman tailor Patrick Grant has taken a closer look at some extraordinary personalities.

Bluetooth Gramophone by Gramovox
Turntable, sound system etc. Easy! But how about a gramophone? Don’t worry, you don’t have to turn a crank to play this version. The pretty Gramovox model made of walnut wood plays your favourite songs comfortably via Blutooth connection. It’s a kind of magic!

Bomber jacket by Allude
A jacket, shirt and suit trousers are indispensable for the wardrobe. Those who like it more casual should definitely also invest in an elegant version of the bomber jacket. The dark gray model by Allude made of a cashmere-merino mix gives even the toughest business look a charming nonchalance.

Vello Urbano Bike
Folding bikes are the means of transportation for the urbanite. When folded, they cannot only be easily taken on public transport, but also rebuilt in a few seconds. Unfortunately, they weren’t exactly things of beauty in the past. The Viennese label Vello now brings together the folding bike’s practical advantages in its “Urbano” bike. Style factor? 100 points!

Domino game by Ridley’s
Granted, the quality of games available for tablet, smartphone and PC is quite impressive. But the classics are worth an investment too. The domino game of the British brand Ridley’s, for example, walks a fine line between nostalgia and modernity with cool graphics and trendy design.

Polo sweater by Allude
In winter a thin business shirt can quickly feel cold and uncomfortable on the skin. Allude provides the perfect alternative with this elegant polo sweater made of warming cashmere. Icy hands in the office? That’s a problem that will only concern your office co-workers next door in the future.

Ranger Wood 55 by Victorinox
The smart speaker orders new batteries on command, the refrigerator knows exactly how many apples are still in the fridge and the house can be unlocked by app. It’s hard to really trust so much technology. More reliable is, for example, the Ranger Wood 55 by Victorinox, which is equipped with a small wood saw, screwdriver and can opener. Pull off that, Alexa!

Car fragrance by Diptyque
Because more and more customers don’t want to limit their use of their favourite fragrance by Diptyque to their bodies, the French candle and cosmetics company simply expanded its range to create an elegant air freshener for the car. A golden bar allows users to regulate the amount released into the air.