LIVING | 28.03.2019


April weather is known to be like a roller coaster ride – a wild up and down between warm sunbeams, storms, lashing rain and snow flurries. Let the weather go crazy, we prefer to stay at home anyway! Because our favourite activity is called: Cocooning!

Our own four walls become a cosy cocoon, an oasis of peace and quiet in which we can feel safe far away from unstable weather or even political world conditions. Here we can forget the stress of everyday life, practice more awareness and recharge our batteries for the next wild roller coaster ride. We like to stack piles of fluffy pillows in our bed, drape the sofa with blankets and prepare the yoga mat for the next sun salute.

Obviously an ultra comfortable Cocoon Couture should not be missing. Relaxed cuts and the finest cashmere qualities make ALLUDE’s stylish comfy look a perfect match.

The trend of cocooning, also called homing recently, does not, however, mean having to live a hermit’s life. Rather, it describes the fact that we relocate our social contacts to our homes. Instead of meeting us in a noisy restaurant, we rather invite our friends to cozy cooking and organize a homely Netflix evening on the sofa instead of going to the cinema.

At some point, of course, we have to face the adventures of life again and leave our cosy nest. But with our cocoon-to-go made of cashmere sweaters, feel-good ponchos or cuddly knitted dresses we will be well prepared for this.