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STYLE | 10.01.2018

Ready to surprise: The Allude Resort Collection 2018

Not long ago designer and fashion labels called their mid-season collection the “cruise collection”: after all, its territory was once clearly defined from bow to stern: this was the fashion the jet-set would wear while spending their winters on cruise ships. Thick coats, muffs and warm boots would be out of place there, unless your destination was Alaska. Typically designers had Americans at the Mediterranean in mind. In general, this demanding clientele was already sick and tired of the outfits of the fall / winter collection by November, or at the latest by December, and demanded new looks for their wardrobe long before the arrival of the summer collection – a pre-season, which was later joined by a late summer or early autumn season, the pre-fall collection.

During the early days of this trend, customers could often only choose between maritime restraint and exotic (and often somewhat cheesy) flamboyance, but nowadays the stylistic scope of the designs which are part of what is now called the “resort collection” is as wide ranging as the places they are worn. What’s more, “thanks” to climatic changes, the pre-fall and resort collections – casually referred to as ready-to-wear clothing – offer important year-round items that are fun to wear even on land and when not on holiday.

To create the Allude Resort Collection 2018, Creative Director Andrea Karg and her team got down to the details and designed classic pieces with surprising extras: tight-fitting pullovers with wide sleeves; knit pants in a new, perfect fit; sleeveless pullovers with a hinted A-line and refined Milano knitting pattern for a harmonious look. Summerlike cheerful intarsia patterns – the ultimate technique in high-quality knitwear – grace the front of pullovers or the back of long cardigans. And not to forget: a real statement knit dress! Whether near or far, with such spirited designs, we are thrilled that resort season has arrived. Happy travels!