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STYLE | 22.06.2017

Promotion: Save 15 % on all Services in our Cashmere Clinic

Granted, when it’s 30 degrees in the shade, what first pops into our minds is yummy ice cream or the next available swimming pool rather than a cosy warm cashmere sweater. But it pays off to take your pretty pieces out of the closet right now. Over the summer, we tend to forget our sweaters, cardigans and coats and only pick them up again when it gets too cold for a summer dress without a warming companion.

But does your favourite jumper (the one that got you through sub-zero temperatures and frost) still look as beautiful as it did last winter? Instead of sorting it out prematurely, schedule a visit at the Allude Cashmere Clinic, where your pieces are thoroughly prepared for the change in season. Curious about what the special team at the clinic can do? Learn more here.

But before we tell you more about our unique treatments, an important tip for frugal shoppers: Until July 12th you’ll get a 15% discount on all services offered by the Allude Cashmere Clinic (excluding shipping). Whether you book online or visit in person at Christophstraße 6 in Munich’s Lehel area. You can also save big on accessories there. Just type in the promo code ALLUDE15 at checkout – in our online store or in the shop.

The annoying little balls of fibre, which are caused by wear, especially at spots where there is lots of friction, are not only unsightly but also make a cashmere sweater look dull and neglected. Forget about removing the pills with a standard disposable razor. At the Cashmere Clinic, our professional team will take care of it with the right tools, removing lint and pills by hand with a special comb.

Even if it is much faster to wash your cashmere garments by hand, you should only use the wool cycle of your washing machine for the sensitive fibres. A maximum temperature of 30 degrees and a short spin cycle at low speed ensure that your sweater will remain fluffy and keep its shape. If you want to play it safe, simply entrust your favourite pieces to our cashmere professionals. They will spoil your sweaters, dresses and coats with special detergents and care products and gently air-dry them.

Holes in a favourite cashmere garment are probably the nightmare of every cashmereista. Trying your hand at mending them yourself usually does not only lead to despair but, in the worst case, straight to the next trash can. Less nerve-wracking and time-intensive: the Cashmere Clinic’s SOS treatment, which makes the unsightly holes disappear completely. Our experts select yarns with an identical hue for the clinic’s invisible mending service. So next time you wear your piece, don’t be surprised at hearing the question, “Nice sweater. Is it new?”

Freshen up
Need refreshment? In addition to washing your pieces you can do a few other things to prepare your cashmere sweater for the new season. For some extra care, treat it with our Cashmere Conditioner, for example. In combination with a gentle steam treatment at the Cashmere Clinic, the fibres will feel wonderfully soft on your skin again.

A button is missing, the elbows are bulging and, as if that’s not enough, there is also a conspicuous stain on your cardigan? Rest assured: At the Allude’s hospital ward, even severe cases like this are in good hands. In addition to new buttons, patches can be sewn on. And the stain? No problem for us!