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CASHMERE | 13.05.2016

Prizeworthy Care: Cashmere Clinic Receives Design Award

Once again events are snowballing in the world of Allude! First, preparations for the Berliner Mode Salon are moving along at full speed – an event that we have strongly supported since its beginnings. You may be excited about finding out how we’ll present our modern cashmere couture there this time around. Those who can’t wait can review the past few seasons in words and pictures here (Fall/Winter 2015/2016, Spring/Summer 2016 and Fall/Winter 2016/2017).

Next, we’re all keeping our fingers crossed for Andrea Karg and her co-author Berit Großwendt, because our book Cashmere, the first definitive work on this exciting topic, has been nominated for a Best Content Marketing Award. More about this soon here in the magazine.

Last but not least, our Cashmere Clinic, whose unique concept enjoys great popularity – at home and abroad! – has also been honoured. The sophisticated interior design, developed by Allude with Kirsten Scholz of Scholz Architecture & Interior, received a German Design Award for pioneering shop design in February of this year. And when you read the award organizers’ description of the Cashmere Clinic you can easily understand why:

“The central element of this shop architecture is the walnut wood counter positioned in the middle of the space. Extendible light tables allow the fabrics to be examined right in front of the customer’s eyes in order to identify any runs that might be present in the material. There is a washroom located behind a door with a striking bull’s-eye pattern. A wall behind the counter displays a plethora of cashmere thread spools to demonstrate the broad variety of available colours. A formalized shop concept, reduced to the essential elements to underscore the material’s exclusivity.“

Allude’s founder 

Andrea Karg took this opportunity to describe her goal of 360-degree cashmere: “As creative director it is not only my mission to design extraordinary creations of cashmere for each new season. It is at least equally important to offer our customers an ideal customer journey – from their first touch of the material to well beyond the purchase. No more and no less is our goal, so that our customers can experience all facets of Allude. Therefore we are all very happy about these awards.“

To this we have nothing to add, except that we are very proud of this award and are pleased that the Cashmere Clinic is so popular. Have you visited us yet? Learn more about this unique service from Allude here.