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STYLE | 08.08.2016

Oktoberfest Fashion: Exclusive „Wiesn“ Collection by Allude

In countless calendars September 17, 2016 has been “blocked” for months, no matter whether people are preparing their schedules in Frankfurt or Florence, in Hamburg or Helsinki, in Osaka or Osnabrück. Some note a “W” for “Wiesn” (the festival’s local name) or the abbreviation “OF” for “Oktoberfest”, whereas those of a more discreet nature simply choose “Other” as the outlook category for this “out-of-office” appointment. In short, what once began as a Munich curiosity, accompanied by strange garb and traditional dishes, has long since become a social must. Whether you’re a celebrity, a person of independent means or just a regular guy. You gotta be there!

The Theresienwiese is also worth a closer look when it comes to fashion: the creativity of designers of dirndl dresses, traditional jackets and accessories is virtually endless.

Thanks to its versatile nature, cashmere is the ideal material for an event that takes place both in crowded beer halls and outside. Comfortably lightweight yet warm when it matters most, for example during cool evenings and to help stave off the infamous Oktoberfest flu.

Andrea Karg thought so as well and designed, together with her team, a capsule collection for the Oktoberfest as an extra treat for the fall/winter 2016/2017 season, so to speak.

Delicate cashmere meets hearty tradition, with garments for the whole family. The beautiful cardigans, sweaters and vests tie in with the traditional Bavarian costume with typical, but deliberately subtle details such as lace, ornate silver buttons and discreet cable knit. Plain colours and modern cuts lend the pieces a modern touch – which should convince even those for whose tastes the traditional costume is a bit all too traditional.

A highlight for women is a specially designed round-neck sweater with a high waist, which extends only to the apron bow and creates a sensual dirndl-décolleté framed by cashmere. White frilly edges and traditional buttons round out this great design.

And after the festival? While the dirndl has to hang in the closet until the next year, the Capsule-pieces by Allude can without question be also worn far from beer mugs and beer tables.

Curious? Starting September 1 the fall/winter 2016/2017 Capsule Collection with its “Wiesn” theme is available here in the Allude online store. Let’s go!