CULTURE | 12.07.2018

Movie Night: The most stylish summer movies

Holidays are almost there but you haven’t planned your wardrobe? Don’t worry, these movies won’t just entertain you while packing but are also our favourite source of summer style inspiration

Yes, this is definitely a girlie-girls coming of age comedy. But there are three pretty good reasons why the “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” is a movie worth watching in every age. First: Before Blake Lively became Gossip Girl and America Ferrera turned into Ugly Betty before Amber Tamblyn empowered us with her Instagram feed, and Alex Bledel unsettled us with her performance in the Handmaids Tale, these four had their breakthrough with this movie. And they are so adorably young! Second: No other summer movie captures the intriguing fashion trends of the 2000s better: Hip huggers, clam diggers and pink crop tops – good old days! And last but not least: The real star of the movie is the jeans, which fits every one of the four perfectly – and which changes their life in dramatic ways. In other words: This movie is the perfect reminder to call your bestie and to slip on your favourite jeans – because these two are all you need for a legendary summer.

Think about summer: The sparkling surface of the sea will probably come to your mind, the shimmering heat in the valleys or maybe a glass of wine in the evening when the scent of all the flowers is almost too intense. What probably won’t come to your mind is a melting asphalt jungle and sticky offices: Cities in the summer aren’t sexy. This is also Richard (Tom Ewell) attitude, who is left behind in New York (and in his office), while his wife and son are going on holidays. His opinion immediately changes when that girl moves into the apartment above his. It helps, that in this case said the girl is nobody other than Marilyn Monroe. And nobody shows better how a feminine, seducing summer wardrobe works: Pencil dresses with thin straps, high-heeled sandals, knotted tops – and of course a white neck holder dress which became the most famous movie dress of all times, thanks to a subway grate. Who said, summer in the city couldn’t be very pleasing?

Rich, carefree Americans living the Italian Summer in the Fifties: They listen to jazz, they drink, they embody the “dolce far niente” at it’s very best, while the citruses are mellowing. It could be quite la bella vita – if the scene weren’t disturbed by some murders. The movie from 1999 (how time flies!) is based on the book from Patricia Highsmith and it is not only worth watching because of the thrill but also because of the young Jude Law, always wearing in unbuttoned shirts and white linen suits. His antagonist is Matt Damon, who is, let’s say a bit more buttoned up. Law’s character is deeply in love with Marge (Gwyneth Paltrow). Her skirts are truly artful: flared, mid-length, patterned, bright colours. She combines them with knotted blouses, puffy sleeves, Wedged and colourful hair ribbons. Let’s be clear: Her style channels the dream look for our next holiday in Italy. If you are going there and wanted to stop at the Scala in Milan – the movie also has the occasion covered: All black with a red lip (Gwyneth Paltrow) or a golden, sequined dress like Cate Blanchett wears it, who plays a rich American heiress.

Here we go again: Ten years after the world hit with Meryl Streep the story based on the famous Abba musical continues this summer. The setting is still the little Greek island with its bright white huts and the dull green olive groves, which always looked like the sun-bleached their leaves. But back to the story: Sophie (Amanda Seyfried), who now runs the hotel, is pregnant with her first child – and curious how her mother Donna (Meryl Streep) managed it back when she was pregnant and all by herself. Parallel to Sophie’s journey the story of the young Donna is revealed. The film not only motivates to book the next flight to a tiny Greek island but also to invest in Hippie-Style, which also dominated the first sequel: High-Waist-Shorts, pattern mixes that were typical for the Seventies, dungarees and floppy hats are pretty much it. Perfect accessory: sun-bleached beach waves. A must-see for all Dancing Queens and Chiquititas!

It’s a boy-meets-girl-story with a little twist: The boy is a stressed banker in London, who inherits his great-uncle’s vineyard estate in the Provence. Not exactly the life he could imagine for himself – at least not until he meets the girl, aka the restaurant owner Fanny (Marion Cotillard). This movie has all the ingredients for the perfect summer film: beautiful landscape (Provence), beautiful houses (hello, vineyard estate), beautiful people (Crowe and Cotillard). But it’s costumes miss the “grandezza” of the talented Mr Ripley or the sophisticated Boho-Chic of Mamma Mia. Why is it on the list anyway? For the simple reason that nobody does the effortless Je ne sais quoi kind of style better than a French woman. And Marion Cotillard impersonates it perfectly: A messy bun (thanks to the new Duchess of Sussex back in trends), décolleté tops, swinging skirts and of course a raffia bag. Plus: Did we mention that this film offers really good-looking landscapes, houses and people?

The Adventures of Tintin, Jack London, Jules Verne: All his childhood heroes inspired the French director Philippe de Broca 1964 to make the film “That Man from Rio.” It really contains all elements of a classical action movie: Kidnapped girlfriend, a lost treasure, a high-speed pursuit and a strange professor. There are three stars to be mentioned: First the young starlet Françoise Dorléac (who plays the kidnapped girlfriend), the older sister of Catherine Deneuve. She stands the Brazilian heat (and some fights) in linen shift dresses, colourful straw hats, thick bangs and ice-blue eyeshadow. Her partner is played by Jean-Paul Belmondo and well – Jean-Paul Belmondo in his thirties and on the peak of his success is pretty much what you call a star. Last but not least the setting of the movie is just gorgeous. Rio, the Copacabana and the Brazilian jungle on the one hand but also the capital Brasilia: Today it is a growing metropolis but in the Sixties, it was merely a construction site, which gives the atmosphere a very own definition of industrial chic. Today the movie is almost forgotten, but back then it was a huge success: Bobby Kennedy watched it several times, and later it inspired Steven Spielberg to bring Indiana Jones to life.