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LIVING | 20.11.2019


Starting the day right – full of energy, focused and in a happy mood? Sounds unattainable for many people. But with the right morning routine this is likely to happen. If we consciously use the time directly after getting up with rituals that are good for body and soul, this will have a positive effect on the whole day. Moreover, wholesome habits increase our well-being, make us happier and help us achieve our goals!

The fact is: we all have a morning routine without realizing it. Just think of the Snooze button! Let the alarm clock ring until you can’t ignore it anymore, slurp into the bathroom, hectically put on your clothes and rush into the train with your to-go coffee, while checking emails and scrolling through social media channels – this is also a kind of morning routine. Just one that exhausts and steals power and energy.

If our morning habits are directed at doing something good for us, at reflecting and focusing in a relaxed way, there is a great chance that this context will guide our whole day.

Famous personalities use their morning routine as their recipe for success. Inspiring examples can be found in books such as “Daily Rituals” by Mason Curry or “What the most successful people do before breakfast” by Laura Vanderkam. Possible rituals range from yoga, sports, meditation, breathing techniques to gratitude and visualization exercises. But drinking a cup of tea or taking a few minutes to read can also have a noticeable effect on the rest of the day.

Most importantly, the morning routine must be motivating, practicable and useful. You don’t have to join the “5am Club” and meditate for two hours. Only five minutes can make all the difference.

The ONE morning routine that makes everyone happy doesn’t exist anyway! Think about what feels good for you and how much time you are willing and able to spend. And then stay tuned! Because our brain needs about 21 days to develop new habits. Only when we have internalized the new processes do they give our everyday life structure and stability. And when we no longer have to think about it, it’s like a holiday for the brain.

In the end, the morning routine is about mindfulness, about looking inside first, before we step outside early in the morning and take the day (and life) into our hands actively and consciously.


photos via unsplash