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LIVING | 28.02.2019

Magic Cleaning: the 5 most important cleaning tips from Marie Kondo

Her three published books have sold more than seven million copies worldwide and have been translated into 27 languages. The Japanese bestselling author and organizational consultant Marie Kondo inspires people around the globe with her principles of cleaning up. When her Netflix series ” Tidying up with Marie Kondo” was launched at the beginning of the year it caused a real cleaning hype.

With her “KonMari” method, the 34-year-old promises not only to bring more order into our household and wardrobe, but also to make room for more joy of life and inner peace by removing old burdens. A tidy house, a tidy mind – and happy life, so to speak. As an inspiration for your upcoming spring cleaning, here are her 5 most important tips:

1. Be consistent and set yourself goals
When it comes to Marie Kondo, tidying up has to be quick and efficient. Set yourself realistic goals, preferably a deadline, and push it through with determination!

2. Organize by category, not by location
A principle of the KonMari method that works miracles: Do not clean out by room, but by category. Start with the wardrobe, which is usually the easiest to clean out. And continue with books, paper and finally dedicate yourself to the supreme discipline – memorabilia! It’s important to first remove all your clothes from closets, commodes and drawers and throw them in one big pile. You will most likely be shocked by how much you actually own. According to Kondo, this shock moment is important in order to be aware of the urgency of cleaning out.

3. Touch it! And listen to your feelings
Now each item must be touched one by one. How do you feel about it? Does the object make you happy? Does it fill you with joy? If so, it may stay. You should say goodbye to everything else. And that literally! Marie Kondo advises you to thank each object respectfully before you finally let it go.

4. Creating a new order
In order to keep the tidiness in the long run, it is important to assign fixed places to your mucked out categories. And to stow these as space-saving, well arranged and ready to hand as possible. Therefore Marie Kondo arranges garments with a special folding and rolling technique and puts them neatly in boxes.

5. The conclusion: less is more
After the clearing out action you will feel so relieved, lively and sorted as never before. And best of all: you won’t miss a thing! The opposite is true! With the method of the clean-up guru, many chaotic people have already become minimalists. Because each time you make a further purchase, you will ask yourself “Do I really need this? Does it bring me joy?” And so we can learn from Marie Kondo not only domestic order, but also modesty.

Header Foto: Andrej Lisakov via Unsplash