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CASHMERE | 08.07.2018

Knit me, Baby, one more time: 7 Instagram Accounts for Knitwear Fans

It is pretty clear that we from Allude love everything about wool and knitting – but we are by far not alone with this passion: New Instagram accounts about these things are popping up every day. We present to you – our favourites!


The gigantic one: @jacquifink
Go big or go home, thought the Australian artist Jaqueline Fink. Her needles seem to be made for giants and instead of tiny accessories she creates vast blankets and installations out of wool. On her Instagram feed, you will find a lot of her finished works (some of them are now decorating the Four Seasons in Costa Rica) but also a lot of works in progress. Furthermore, she uploads various impression of her extreme knitting (terminus technicus) classes and some of her extreme huge yarn roles, which are almost a piece of art themselves.


The natural one: @ozetta
Let’s move in! This is what you think, scrolling through the feed of the knit-artist Ozetta from the United States. Her home is what you imagine your Scandinavian dream house to be: natural shades, a lot of wood, a lot of hot chocolate and of course wool all over the places. Her self-made socks, caps, blankets and bags let us look forward to the winter. It will be so hyggelig!


The colourful one: @sweaterpotter
London based Anna Maltz already published two books about knitting patterns. This woman knows for sure what she is doing! If you look at her Instagram you also clearly see that this expert loves what she is doing: She photographs every cool knitwear she stumbles across on the street. What amazing kind of specialized street style photography!


The various one @knitting_inspiration
The best things about Instagram are the random discoveries you make, which enhance your life. The account “Knitting Inspiration” collects a lot of exactly such discoveries: Claire from the Australian Wool Shop “We love Knitting” browses meticulously through Insta to find the most surprising, most beautiful and the funniest pictures about knitting. What a source of inspiration!


The motherly one: @strikkezilla
This is definitely the account with the biggest Awwww-effect: The Norwegian mother of two Tina Hauglund (aka Strikkezilla) began knitting to make clothes for her kids. A few years later, she has published four books about knitwear for babies and children. On her Instagram feed, she shows her Bullerbü-Life with her two cutie pies and her equal very cute patterns.


The stylish one: @paulastrickt
Is knitwear only for the winter? Nonsense! Paula proofs quite the contrary with extreme cool knitted bikinis and various string bags, which are perfect for a stroll across a French market this summer. When the seasons change, her sophisticated headbands will keep your ears warm.


The arty one: @maryannemoodie
Ok, we have to admit, Maryanne Moodie is less knitting and more weaving. But, first, this is about woolly fibres as well and second, her tapestries are so amazing that we couldn’t hold them back: From colourful to undyed white wool, the structure of her artworks (from flat to 3D) as well as her patterns (everything you can possibly imagine) are really exceptional.