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BEAUTY | 29.02.2020


Business meetings, dinners with friends, a birthday party here, a family trip there… The calendar is full of appointments. Who is not familiar with that? The one thing that often comes up short here are the dates with yourself. Spending time with your loved ones is wonderful and important, but at least as important is to have enough quality time alone. Time to look more inwards instead of outwards, to do something good for yourself and to relax. Pleasant Me Time helps to reduce stress, clear your mind and is a great opportunity to reflect and recharge your energy.

Just like all other appointments with friends or colleagues, you should also schedule the time for yourself. And be just as reliable in keeping it! The best thing would be to have a regular self-care routine – even if it’s only 10 minutes a day. During this time you should say ciao to the outside world! Ideally turn off your mobile phone to avoid being distracted by emails, whatsapp, instagram & co.

So what are you up for? For inspiration we have collected a few suggestions how you can spend a relaxed date by yourself:


Transform your home into a small wellness temple. Treat yourself to a hot, long bath and relax to your favourite music or podcast. Pamper yourself with masks and beauty treatments and give your skin an extra portion of care.


Taking a walk outside in the fresh air is not only good for the body, but also for the mind. Go on a discovery tour while strolling through pure nature. Observe the birds in the forest, enjoy the shadow play of the trees and let your thoughts wander and come to rest.


Find inner peace with a sun salutation and the cobra pose. Increase your body awareness through gentle exercises and conscious breathing and gain more balance, strength and serenity. Meditation helps you to focus on the moment and relax your mind. A variety of apps and online courses offer guided meditations that make it easier for beginners to get into Zen.

4. Get Creative

A creative process often feels similar to meditation. Above all, it is a lot of fun to create something by your own and then enjoy the result. Whether knitting, painting, writing or even cooking – let the energy flow and express yourself.


Get comfy on the sofa with a fluffy blanket and the remote control and relax while binge watching your favourite series. However sometimes you don’t even need that for your Me Time. In fact: nothing at all! Because being lazy and allowing yourself to do nothing can be a pure bliss for the soul. So do yourself a favour and join the Do-nothing-Club every now and then!