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CULTURE | 26.06.2019


While we sit in the office and finish our to-do list hastily, can’ t wait for the weekend. The thought of relaxed and lazy hours is more than tempting. The Italians call this idleness delightful “Il dolce far niente“. But the sweet do-nothing has to be learned. Because the funny thing is, if we finally had the time for a little idleness, we could think of a thousand things that we could still do: the windows should be cleaned again and the balcony replanted, the taxes should be taken care of, and the new season of our favorite series is also waiting to be watched. In a society driven by efficiency, productivity and multitasking, we seem as if we have to learn the high art of doing nothing again.

However, unproductive time is often the most creative. Studies also show that lazing around makes people healthy and happy. And paradoxically even increases our productivity. Because just when we let our thoughts wander freely and our brain does not have to cope with any tasks, it can recover, rearrange, process experiences and create space for inspiration and new ideas. Most of us know from own experience: Creativity rarely takes place at the workplace. We get our best ideas when thoughtlessly standing in the shower or losing ourselves in daydreams.

In other words, there are enough reasons to regularly take a real break and be lazy without restraint. Without checking emails, planning your weekly groceries or scrolling through Instagram accounts. The art of doing nothing is to live in the moment, without any purpose. So make yourself comfortable in the grass and enjoy your daydreams, listen to the sound of the sea while lying on the beach and take a stroll and let your thoughts run free.

We highly recommend: join the Do-Nothing-Club now!

Image: Niklas Veenhuis via unsplash