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LIVING | 09.12.2015

Hey, Santa: The Allude Christmas Wish List of 2015

“What is your Christmas wish?” A question that in terms of popularity ranks just above “Any plans for New Year’s Eve?”. To answer you might want to start by defining what makes a parcel under the tree into a highlight: Gifts should come from the heart, fit the lifestyle of the recipient, be decorative and useful. Perhaps even handmade, by authentic brands that have long been leaders in their field and continue to set trends. High-quality and full of passion and design esprit. A pretty long checklist, right?

To make things a bit easier for you, dear Allude fans, during these hectic days, Andrea Karg and her team, over espresso and Florentines, have compiled the top 10 of their personal wish lists – from beauty secrets to interior objects to a tool box for aesthetes. And, of course, including cuddly gifts by Allude. Be inspired by our Christmas wish list of 2015:

Cashmere Buch ALLUDE

„Cashmere“ by Andrea Karg
What is cashmere, where does the precious material come from, how is it processed and what is the fascinating history of its use? “Cashmere” (published by Callwey), the first comprehensive work on these and many other topics, including the unique success story of Allude and its founder Andrea Karg, holds the answers to these questions. Perfect for cosy reading and browsing by the fireplace.

Active Botanical Serum von Vintner’s Daughter

Active Botanical Serum by Vintner’s Daughter
Wintry temperatures, dry air caused by heating, shopping stress: our skin has to endure a lot in these months. This serum by the American cult brand helps, with more plant extracts than can be listed here. Anti-inflammatory phytonutrients, firming phytoceramides, rich fatty acids and highly concentrated antioxidants are just some of the cosmetic tools that are contained within the pretty bottle.

Palm Earrings von Inderjeet Sindha

„Palm“ earrings by Inderjeet Sandhu
We love the subtle, yet expressive jewellery by London-based designer Inderjeet Sandhu, who graduated from the Royal College of Art only in 2013. This piece from the line “Martinique” is modelled on a palm frond and has made an appearance on the Allude catwalk in Paris as a styling accessory. Spending Christmas with palm trees, doesn’t that sound fantastic?

Global Service aus der Porzellanmanufaktur Nymphenburg

Global Service from the Porzellanmanufaktur Nymphenburg
The Nymphenburg porcelain manufactory is one of those brands we mentioned at the beginning of this wishlist: rooted in a tradition that spans more than 260 years and yet always at the cutting edge. Proof of this is the series “Global Service”, from which these plates with fragments of a world map come. We promptly had to think of the extremely stylish Spielberg movie “Catch Me If You Can”. And Leonardo DiCaprio is certainly an exciting person to sit next to at the table…

ALLUDE Cashmere Plaid

Cashmere Plaid by Allude Home
With one (or several) soft and cosy Allude Cashmere plaids from our Home Collection, story-reading and listening become twice as enjoyable. Just add a couple of pillows to create your very own “Story HQ” at home. And here are two tips for Christmas books: “Letters from Father Christmas” by J.R.R. Tolkien (yes, of “Lord of the Rings” fame). And “A Christmas Memoir” by Truman Capote.

Saab Roadster von Playsam

Saab Roadster by Playsam
“Little gentleman, start your engines” is the motto of this design Bobbycar by the Swedish specialists for stylish toys. The Roadster is modelled after Sixten Sason’s legendary Saab prototype 92001 and made of wood, metal and ABS plastic. Its glossy lacquered body turns the rolling highlight (without engine) into an eye-catcher even outside the nursery.

Brew Stove Espresso & Tea Cups von Tom Dixon

Brew Stove Espresso & Tea Cups by Tom Dixon
For the award-winning product designer Tom Dixon, the ritual of making coffee appears to be an almost sacred undertaking. This at least is suggested by his extremely attractive Caffettiera made of stainless steel with a polished copper finish. The matching espresso cups of the same material turn having one’s morning or after-dinner coffee (or tea) into a trip to the Art Deco period.

Werkzeugkoffer von Wohngeist

Tool box by Wohngeist
If DIY turns into eye candy, this elegant tool box made of sustainable solid wood could be at fault. Its handle is made of leather, and the 24 tools in its tidy interior are high-quality and held in place by magnets. A personal engraving distinguishes the DIY king or do-it-yourself queen. Let’s get to work!

ALLUDE Cashmere Muff

Hand and leg warmers by Allude
Walking with lanterns, strolling through the Christmas market or the countryside in freezing temperatures – these hand and leg warmers (for arms or calves) in matching colours make such excursions a real pleasure. Another real winter hit – and bestseller – is our cashmere hot water bottle. Just a thought …

Design-Schlitten von Thonet

Design sledge by Thonet

This high-speed vehicle called “S 333” is only slightly reminiscent of the shape of its famous “brother”, the world-renowned coffee-house chair, also by Thonet. The design by Holger Lange, who developed the tubular steel sled in 2006, is as elegant as it is functional and reduced to a minimum. Precise directional stability, optimal gliding properties and ease of steering ensure that the “S 333” can do more than just look good.

Merry Christmas from all of us at Allude!

Photos: Allude; PR