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BEAUTY | 08.08.2017

Fragrant Travels: The Creations of MiN New York

Almost every day, countless new fragrances fill the shelves of boutiques and try to attract attention with their sweet, tangy or spicy scents. However, only few of them stick in your mind. The creations by MiN are an exception.

Although Chad Murawczyk founded the company back in 1999, it is still a true insider tip 18 years later – for both women and men. His perfumes don’t only stand out on shelves through their exterior design, consisting of inky black glass bottles. The inside also has more to offer than you might expect at first sight. The creations of the American designer are like bottled adventure trips, which take you to the dunes of the Hamptons or to a medieval circus. Or how about a trip to the moon? Others take things even further and evoke long-forgotten memories: for example, of the beach holiday we used to go on with our parents – the salty breeze, which would blow off our hats, the powdery sunscreen and the feeling of grains of sand between our toes.

What appears magical and sounds almost unreal, the American designer achieves in an almost playful manner. But Murawczyk doesn’t resort to sleights of hand and elaborate alchemical skills. The secret lies, in fact, in the composition and selection of the ingredients, for which only high-quality raw materials are sourced and blended in the perfume town of Grasse. And the 44-year-old spares no expense. Some fragrances, for example, contain genuine ambergris, a waxy substance from the stomach of the sperm whale. It is only understandable that such unusual creations come at a price.

The most unforgettable memories and adventures are invaluable after all – not just in real life. If you would like to experience the fragrances firsthand, make sure to make a trip to SoHo on your next visit to New York. Chad Murawczy’s boutique of the same name also has many other unusual precious items on offer in addition to its own perfumes. Our tip: Get there, pick out a fragrance and let your the senses drift on one of the comfortable Chesterfield chairs.

MIN, 117 Crosby St, New York, NY 10012