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BEAUTY | 20.03.2017

Festival Fever: Allude goes Coachella 2017

While the thermometer is just barely creeping up to a crisp 10 degrees Celsius here, California is already prepping for the open-air season. If you are still making plans for your holidays (or rather your escape from the cold temperatures), why not spend some of your time off at the legendary Coachella-Festival? In addition to cool music and art, you’ll also find countless stars there, from Kate Bosworth to Diane Kruger. Find out all about what you can’t miss on this trip in the Allude Coachella Guide! See you in the desert …


Instead of hitting one yellow ball after the other across the net, Alaina Moore and Patrick Riley surprise with a soft surf-pop melody, perfect for dancing barefoot in a light dress. Forget the “Summer of 69”, because the summer of 2017 will be at least as memorable thanks to “Ladies don’t play guitar”!

Little Dragon
After releasing their last album in 2014, the Swedish Synthie-Pop-Band Little Dragon returned with a new single just in time for Valentine’s Day, which will above all make die-hard fans happy. “High” sounds just the way the song’s name suggests: psychedelic, poppy, captivating. The perfect track to wind down a work or festival day.

The hype surrounding The Doors may date back a long time, but the Californian rock band Allah-Las, whose sound is reminiscent of Jim Morrison and Co., could soon become a legend in their own right. Favourite song? Pretty much all of them. Simply put on your sunglasses, crank down the car window and turn the volume all the way up. Coachella, we’re coming!



Sun protection from Aesop
Admittedly, applying sunscreen when travelling can be quite annoying. Especially if you don’t want to miss your favourite live act. The soft formula of the “Protective Body Lotion” from Aesop therefore protects your skin with SPF 50 from harmful UVA and UVB rays for up to four hours and smells deliciously of peppermint and lavender.


„Fresh Pressed Vitamine C Booster“ from Clinique
While freshly squeezed smoothies and chia pudding are hard to find in the desert of music, we can at least treat our skin. The “Fresh Pressed” booster from Clinique is enriched with pure vitamin C and can simply be mixed into your daily skin care products. A mere two drops of the highly concentrated formula will make any signs of sleep deprivation disappear.


Massaging beauty roller from Nurse Jamie (via Net-à-Porter)
Treating yourself to a massage between seeing Lady Gaga and Bon Iver? With the handy massaging roller “Uplift” by Nurse Jamie you can even do this while standing in line at a stand for cold mate lemonade. The roller with massaging stones containing tourmaline quartz stimulates blood circulation and revives your skin, improving skin tone in just a few seconds. Our tip: Put it in the cool box for a few minutes!


Shemergency cosmetic kit by Pinch
No matter how many packing lists you write before your flight, in the end there’s always something missing. The “Shemergency” beauty kit makes sure this won’t happen in the future. In addition to nail polish remover pads, tape strips and nail clipper, the 40-piece mini pouch also contains a hair brush and deodorant towelettes.



Sun hat “Currently Offline” by Eugenia Kim
The former student of the Parsons School of Design actually created her first hat because she wanted to hide a bad hair-cut. The unusual headwear attracted so much attention, however, that designer Eugenia Kim eventually founded her own label in 1989. Ever since then plain hats with charming to cheeky details have become her specialty.


Sunglasses by Cutler & Gross

VIPs like Keira Knightley and Victoria Beckham are among those who swear by the sunglasses by the British label Cutler & Gross. This casual model in a John Lennon-inspired style does not only successfully hide eye bags after a long night of partying, but, with its colour gradient, is also reminiscent of the light in California.


Headphones ZIK 3 by Parrot

Before going to see one’s favourite band on stage, getting into the mood with the help of a playlist is almost a must for festival attendees. The perfect gadget for this? The “ZIK 3” by Parrot, developed with star designer Philippe Starck. Awesome: You can cancel out background noise with the help of an app.


Cashmere blanket by Allude
Glamping is calling! Whether on the road, in a tent or in the open air, the cuddly soft blanket made of cashmere and pure new wool is the perfect festival companion. It keeps you warm, can be rolled up to be used as a comfortable seat cushion and transforms even the most improvised shelter on the road into an oasis of luxury.



Graphic poncho by Allude
This graphic poncho from the Allude Spring / Summer Collection 2017 can be thrown on quickly and is quite versatile. With little effort it can be transformed into three outfits: a chic throw worn with a skirt, an oversized top combined with shorts or a tailored top emphasized with a belt. What we love most: The fringes bounce to the beat of the dance music.


Skirt by Allude
While you may take your time planning your outfit on the first day of the festival – Flower headband? Gold tattoo stickers? Dress or shorts? – more often than not 24 hours later, you’ll quickly slip into the next best piece of clothing and hurry off to the next act. The perfect companion for these last-minute moments? This slit skirt made of merino wool, which in combination with a wonderfully plain shirt and sandals becomes a practical all-round outfit.


Mesh tunic dress by Allude
When the Californian sun burns down, even the thinnest layer of fabric can be too much. You don’t have to walk around in a bikini, however, because this light tunic dress is especially airy thanks to its lace knitting. A cool combination with shorts and an elegant bikini top in bright colours.


Schal aus Cashmere von Allude
This inconspicuous scarf made of pure cashmere saves space in the suitcase and is very versatile. With a few clever tricks it can be turned, for example, into a sun sail, a dress or a top. How it works? Simply search for scarf dress or scarf tying techniques on YouTube and get started!

Photos: Allude; PR

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