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STYLE | 19.09.2016

Exclusive Interview: Cathy Hummels Reveals Her Oktoberfest Secrets

Getting to Munich – well rested and dressed her best – in time for the start of the Oktoberfest involves some stressful travelling for Cathy Hummels this year. For right now, the 28-year-old presenter and wife of football player Mats Hummels (FC Bayern Munich) is still in New York..

But no matter how little preparation time she has left, Cathy Hummels cuts a fine figure wherever she is, and will of course shine at the Oktoberfest as well, a must-attend event that she enjoys a lot, as she told us in an exclusive interview.

Naturally, she also went to Allude to look for smart cashmere jackets and other elegant warming fashion pieces with a traditional touch. After all, the exclusive Wiesn Collection (only available online!) offers many designs that remain wonderfully wearable even after the spectacle at the Theresienwiese.

Those who want to accompany Cathy Hummels through the beer tents can follow her on Instagram. And now here are her style and other tips for a successful Oktoberfest:

The last 24 hours: What does your personal countdown to the Wiesn look like on September 16?
This time around, I’m arriving directly from Fashion Week in New York. Therefore, I’ll do everything to stave off jet lag. I’ll try to get some sleep if I can. And then do an hour of yoga to start off the Wiesn madness in perfect balance.

Your best Wiesn experience ever?
Years ago, I scored big time playing Tin Can Alley. I was as happy as a little kid. The main prize was a giant teddy bear, which made my little nephew very happy too.

What’s your favourite place to party?
The Käfer tent! It’s a classic venue and I feel most comfortable there.

Your favourite Oktoberfest delicacies?
Fischer-Vroni’s grilled trout. They are a dream.

What outfit will you wear to hit the beer tents?
Definitely a dirndl. I have several, including some unusual ones made with silk and lace. Preferably of an average length and with a nice blouse. This time I’ll go with the colour blue. Combined with some cool high-heels – not too high, though, so that I can comfortably walk for a long time and perhaps even dance.

What is your remedy against the infamous Oktoberfest flu?
Getting enough sleep, if possible. Eating plenty of fruit and vegetables to get sufficient vitamins during the day and recharging my batteries.

Your personal Wiesn hit of 2016?
“Die immer lacht” by Kerstin Ott is my song!

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Which fashion piece and / or accessory is indispensable for you at the Oktoberfest?
A beautiful choker necklace. When you wear a traditional costume, you’re already dressed beautifully. A dirndl doesn’t need many accessories.

What’s your fashion tip for men who are drawn to the Theresienwiese?
For men, it’s really easy. You should stay away from fashion experiments. So put on your lederhosen! But please no shorts – knee-length is better. Combined with a plaid shirt, you’re ready to go.

Wiesn etiquette: Do’s and don’ts?
The most important do: be in a good mood! Otherwise, a visit to the Oktoberfest will seem like torture – for yourself and others. An absolute don’t: too much alcohol! Know your limits!

Your best Wiesn-hangover remedy?
Unfortunately, I’m the wrong person to ask. I don’t drink.

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