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CASHMERE | 26.11.2015

Cashmere – The Book: Out now!

Cashmere is pure magic. And that very magic becomes palpable on each and every page of the first standard work about the arguably most beautiful material in the world: CASHMERE by Andrea Karg with Berit Grosswendt (read our interview here), which has just been published by Callwey Verlag.

Travel to the origins of cashmere, immerse yourself in its fascinating history, find out more about its complex production process – and learn how to care for this precious material. With numerous rich, emotional photos and detailed information on the robust goats that defy the harsh climate of the Himalayas with their thick coats of very fine hair.

Last but not least: The book is the first to give a detailed account of the story of Allude, with many personal insights from Andrea Karg. From its founding more than 20 years ago and the vision of that strong woman behind the brand – all the way to fashion shows in Berlin, New York and Paris. On that fascinating journey Allude not only became an internationally successful luxury label but also changed the image of cashmere from staid twinsets to couture.

The perfect gift for Cashmeristas – and for everyone who wants to become one! The book is now available at bookstores for order, whether online or offline, for example directly in our online shop.

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