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CASHMERE | 12.05.2015

Cashmere Clinic: The First Two Patients

For more than a month now, Germany’s first Cashmere Clinic, located in Munich, has been open to the public, and the interest in our all-round pampering programme for your favourite pieces made of the best material in the world has been overwhelming. Every day, customers come to the clinic’s stylish rooms to take advice from our cashmere experts, either bringing their problem children with them or picking up their professionally treated treasures after they have been attended to with much love and attention to detail.

We asked Cashmere nurse and Care expert Dilek Can, who has worked on and saved over 140 precious pieces to date, about the first two patients of the Allude Cashmere Clinic:

Let’s first talk about the black ladies jumper. What was it lacking?
Love, mostly. And proper care, because it was actually of high quality (with a weight of about 300 grams). One of my colleagues and I invested a good eight hours of careful work to treat it: We removed pilling inside and out, then washed it twice with the shampoo and conditioner from our care line, let it air-dry and finally steamed it gently. There was also a hole at the back of the neck that we mended.

The owner could not believe how great her jumper looked when she came to pick it up – almost like new. Since then, we show sceptical customers before-and-after photos of this jumper as an example of how much beauty still lies dormant in a long-neglected Cashmere piece.



What about the rose-colored cashmere cardigan?
It was in significantly better shape when it came to us. Nevertheless we had to depill it before and after washing it and mend a hole beneath the arm. The customer also thanked us profusely, from which we take great pleasure!

Finally, a few tips for those who want to bring a Cashmere problem child to the clinic.
Please only mend your pieces yourself if you are very familiar with sewing and Cashmere. More often than not I have to laboriously unstitch such rescue attempts and then mend them again professionally. If you still have residual threads or excess yarn from your piece, please bring them along, as they will help us carry out repairs as invisibly as possible.

An important thing to remember: As soon as you notice a small hole in your piece of clothing, make sure not to wash it, as washing will increase the damage. And should you notice moth holes, put your jumper, scarf or dress into a plastic bag before you bring it to the Allude Cashmere Clinic, in order to protect our other patients. We look forward to meeting you!

Info: the Allude Cashmere Clinic is centrally located at Christophstr. 6, right in the heart of Munich. Opening hours are Monday to Friday from 10am to 6pm, and by special appointment (all times valid from June 1st).