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CULTURE | 12.09.2017

Book Club: The Sweater – A History

Summer is in its last throes? No reason to be sad. At least we can now wrap ourselves in our cosy coats, ponchos, and cardigans once again. On top of the list: our favourite sweater. Made of high-quality materials, it doesn’t only come along wherever you go but, with good care, will last you a lifetime. The recently published book “The Sweater: A History” – a 200-page tribute by the author trio Keren Ben-Horin, Gail DeMeyere and Jane Merrill shows just how versatile, indispensable and popular the garment is.

In addition to featuring numerous photos, the title provides insight into the long history of the sweater: As far back as 400 years before the sweater first came into fashion, there were early versions of this piece of clothing. In the 14th-century painting “Buxtehuder Altar” by the artist Master Bertram von Minden, for example, you can find a first prototype, which is similar to today’s designs. Also represented in the book are woollen sweaters with Nordic patterns, of course. Women used to knit a strand of hair into the prettily patterned sweaters as a lucky charm for their seafaring husbands. But we don’t want to give away too many more details here. For those of you, who are curious to know much, much more about the history of wool, cashmere, in particular, there is no better way than to purchase our own coffee table book on the topic. Right here in the online shop.

An interview with Keren Ben-Horin, co-author of “The Sweater: A History“, on Soundcloud provides additional exciting insights into the subject. Listening to the interview over a hot cup of tea while wearing your favourite sweater, will brighten any gray autumn day as well as shorten the wait time for the book. In case you’re still missing the perfect companion for cooler days, or your favourite piece is not quite as pretty as it used to be: you’ll easily find a solution on Allude’s online shop or at the Cashmere Clinic!

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