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CULTURE | 08.08.2018

Book Club: “Take me to the Lakes” – the summer guide that takes us to new shores

As much as we love the long and hot summer days, so much is the longing for cooling off and jumping into refreshing water. The book title “Take me to the Lakes” could not better describe our desire. This beautiful series of books is dedicated to the most wonderful lakes of German cities and their hinterlands. So far there are three editions: the Berlin-, North Rhine-Westphalia- and Munich-Guide.
The two authors Karolina Rosina and Nils Kraiczy demonstrate in their books that paradise is sometimes right at our front door: remote bays, crystal-clear mountain lakes with panoramic peaks or bathing beaches for the whole family. With expressive photos, the two present their 50 favourite lakes and give practical tips, insider recommendations and the coordinates of the bathing resorts. In addition to the wonderful lakes, unusual accommodations near the shore are also presented, such as modernly interpreted farm cottages or creative architectural houses. “Take me to the lakes” is the ultimate summer guide for a short cooling off after work, a day trip in the idyllic countryside or a relaxed weekend trip in a house by the lake.

The books are intended to serve as a guide: “Take Me to the Lakes” combines photography and design with an enthusiasm for lakescapes, the desire for relaxation and the promise to leave the big city behind. It’s about discovering what’s beyond the borders of the big capitals.

Pictures © The Gentle Temper, Günter Standl (Hofgut Hafnerleiten)