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CULTURE | 09.08.2016

Book Club: Jane & Serge – A Family Album

Book Club: Jane & Serge — A Family Album

To this day Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg represent amour fou par excellence. The publisher Taschen now allows us a look at their photo album.

Considering their passionate relationship, it’s hard to imagine that sparks didn’t fly right away between Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin. Forget about Je t’aime … Jane especially didn’t care about that “arrogant and snobbish” guy when she was cast to play the role of his alluring seductress in the romantic drama “Slogan” in 1968. In order to improve the mood on set, director Pierre Grimblat therefore arranged a tête-à-tête between the two. What he and probably no one else had expected: from that evening forward the two were a couple – on screen and in real life. They got married the same year.

The uncouth lout Gainsbourg, who was known not just for his striking facial features but also his love for high-proof drinks and Gitanes, seemed like a different person. Birkin, too, turned from being annoyed to being in love. In Paris people soon talked about little else than Jane et Serge – about their excessive parties, unbridled passion and scandalously successful song “Je t’aime (moi non plus)”, with which they created a musical monument to both. With the birth of their daughter Charlotte in 1971 their happiness together seemed perfect.

After 13 years, however, one of the greatest and often publicized relationships was at its end, worn down by too much alcohol and aggression. The fascination for this extraordinary amour fou, however, continues to this day. The intimate book “Jane & Serge: A Family Album”, which was now published by Taschen VerlagFantastique!

Book Club: Jane & Serge – Ein Familienalbum

Photos: Taschen Verlag; Andrew Birkin