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CULTURE | 05.07.2015

Big voices, finest sounds: Munich Opera Festival

When the new production of Richard Strauss’s opera “Arabella” has its premiere today, Andrea Karg will be in the audience, anticipating a wonderful evening. Our culture tip of the week!

Fashion and opera have much in common. In both attire is way more than just clothing; it is an expression of one’s personality or a tool to define the characters in a play. On the catwalk as on the stage sophisticated dramaturgy, music, and light and set design play together to trigger emotions and contribute to the success of a show – and the joy of the audience – especially if true masters of their craft are at work.

As is the case with the Munich Opera Festival, which for almost 140 years has lured fans of classical music and theatre from around the world to the Bavarian capital. For Allude creative director Andrea Karg the premiere of “ Arabella ” in the classicist building of the Nationaltheater is a special highlight of this year’s versatile program. In this opera by the late Romantic composer Strauss a woman, very modern for her time, is looking and longing for more than just a marriage of convenience (to Count Waldner), searching for true love instead. In a famous aria she calls for: “Aber den Richtigen” (“But the right one”).

With Andreas Dresen (“Nachtgestalten”, “Die Polizistin”, “Als wir träumten”) at the reins this performance of “Arabella” is directed by one of Germany’s most important filmmakers. Dresen is making his debut at the historic Bayerische Staatsoper. The title role of the assertive romantic is sung by soprano Anja Harteros, with baritone Thomas J. Mayer playing her soul mate and lover Mandryka, and Philippe Jordan, musical director of the Paris Opera, conducting.

For those who won’t be able to experience “Arabella” during the Munich Opera Festival this July there will be several additional performances in January 2016. Don’t miss this highly anticipated staging by Andreas Dresen!

Photo: Bayerische Staatsoper