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BEAUTY | 09.02.2017

Be my Valentine: Gifts for Modern Romantics

Those who have been reminded of the romantic side of life by watching a wonderfully nostalgic film like “La La Land” or perhaps a somewhat more frivolous cinematic work such as “50 Shades Darker” could use the occasion of Valentine’s Day 2017 to turn fantasy into reality. Where fashion is concerned, it’s all about the colours red and pink of course – we’re very traditional that way. But our team has discovered some very special gift ideas for the man or the woman in your life outside of fashion, too, which are well worth a “buy-me”-click. After all, it doesn’t always have to be “just” roses – of which, by the way, Lufthansa alone delivers 1,000 tons to Germany for Valentine’s Day. Celebrate love with Allude!


Allude round-neck sweater in burgundy red
When it comes to loose and comfortable garments, it’s hard to look past your boyfriend’s or husband’s wardrobe. But their fashion repertoire will only be raided in emergencies from now on, because this finely knit round-neck sweater made of wonderfully soft cashmere yarn is at least as comfortable as “his” things, due to its casual fit.

Allude short-cut sweater in coral pink
With this short-cut sweater you are up to date this season. The finely knit cashmere piece is not only wonderfully comfortable, it also directs the eye to one of the most beautiful parts of a woman’s body – the waist. Thanks to a sexy side slit and a decorative pocket, this round-neck sweater is sure to become a favourite, which can be worn with plaited trousers as well as with an A-line skirt.

Allude knit sweater in pink
The colour pink has long left children’s rooms and conquered the catwalk. Bright pink has grown up and has become no less than a perfect “power look”. In combination with restrained basics in black or gray this soft knit sweater is the ultimate style statement.


Lipstick by Charlotte Tilbury
“Lipstick is powerful. It has the ability to completely change your state of mind,” the British star make-up artist Charlotte Tilbury, who did the make-up for super-model Kate Moss’s wedding day, once said. A tribute to female versatility is Tilbury’s “Hot Lips” collection, for which the 50-year-old was inspired by her customers. The fiery red of the shade “Carina’s Love” is simply perfect for Valentine’s Day and takes care of your lips with orchid extracts.


Chic Stays by Assouline
Where stars like to spend their free time is often a well-kept secret – as long as no one spills the beans and crowds of paparazzi promptly travel along. For the book Chic Stays famous actors, writers, models and musicians have made an exception, however, and opened up their personal travel diaries. Featured are, among others, the favourite travel destinations and hotels of Kate Winslet, Cara Delevigne, and Sofia Coppola with family and friends.


Selected chocolates by Sawade
According to legend, the charming confectioner Ladislaus Ziemkiewicz had a special relationship with a certain Madame Marie de Savadé. It is after her that Berlin’s oldest chocolate manufacturer was named, which already supplied Prince George of Prussia with delicious sweets in his day. The pralines, including walnut marzipan covered in dark chocolate or creations with a tart coffee flavour, are made without preservatives to this day.


Allude V-neck sweater in red
Here is one of the most popular basics in an absolute luxury version: what makes this classic sweater with V-neck so attractive is its timeless, elegant design and the high-quality cashmere wool. Its fine knitting ensures a comfortable fit and its simple style makes it a versatile piece with almost endless outfit options. A clever investment.

Allude V-neck sweater in pink
… and those who dare to wear a bit more colour can make no mistake with the model in pink. This cashmere sweater from Allude is a great choice, combined, for example, with a night-blue suit or dark-blue jeans, or even a trendy khaki jacket.

Allude round-neck sweater in red
The most stylish alternative to a sweatshirt? This-round neck sweater made of cashmere! Its distinguishing features: fine knitting that feels comfortable on the skin, an elegant look and a very uncomplicated style. In other words: This sweater suits everyone. Buy once, wear forever – a fashion friend for life.


Polaroid 600 Cool Cam Red
Naturally we want to have a record of the most beautiful moments we experience with our loved ones – and preferably in a more lasting form than our smartphone’s photo gallery. Impossible Project has therefore thought of something very special for Valentine’s Day and with this limited edition of the Polaroid 600 offers a great alternative to the mobile phone camera. One of the Pola’s highlights: on the limited-edition duochrome instant film the photos shine in rich red and black. Love is in the air!


Food & Beer by Phaidona
The craft-beer movement is making the amber nectar more popular than ever before. Even the haute cuisine has jumped on the beer bandwagon – to the dismay of some winemakers. The reason why you should go ahead and exchange a cool lager for the wine bottle with your meal once in a while is explained in the book Food & Beer by brew master Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø and the Canadian star cook Daniel Burns. Their 60 recipes combine delicious dishes on a high level with the right beer for a perfect meal.


Eau de Parfum French Lover by Frédéric Malle
French women and French men are admired and envied for their discreet elegance and nonchalance around the world. Perfumer Pierre Bourdon tries to capture their amorous talent with his men’s perfume “French Lover”. For this, he uses essences of patchouli, incense, iris and galbanum, which make the result as casual and yet profound as a night in Paris. Simply très francais!