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CULTURE | 29.10.2019

ARTS & CRAFTS: Taking a creative break with DIY

Do-it-yourself and crafting is a trend that is constantly growing. Producing instead of consuming is the motto. And “self-made” reflects our zeitgeist!

Being creative and using your own hands to create something individual relaxes our digitally exhausted mind and catapults it into the moment. Whether knitting, painting, pottery or crafting – handmade is not only meditative, it is also a lot of fun and above all it makes you incredibly proud to hold the finished product in your hands.

Autumn is the best time of the year to start new creative projects – whether for handmade Christmas presents, for yourself, or to give your home an individual upgrade. Ideas and tutorials can be found on DIY blogs and any social media channel. If you don’t want to dive into the digital world for instructions and prefer to craft together in a group, you could join a workshop. From flower binding, jewellery design, calligraphy, knitting or weaving – the offer is immense.

Now you only have to choose which creative project you want to do first. To make the decision a little easier, here are a few inspirations:


Be it rustic, opulent or minimalist – with dried flowers, grasses or fresh blooms: There are no limits to creativity when it comes to wreath binding.


Want to make your own ring? Quite easy with the wax carving method! It is best to attend a workshop where all materials and tools are provided. Alternatively, there are also material kits and video tutorials for use at home.


All you need are a few materials from the DIY store and a little talent in handling the drill – and the flexible peg board shelf is finished.


Instead of knitting the next scarf, how about weaving a pillow case? It’s a great Christmas present as well!


For your own bathroom, or as a giveaway: Handmade soaps in terrazzo or marble look.

Header by Dane Deaner via Unsplash