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CULTURE | 17.08.2017

Art Dept.: The phantastical world of Anke Eilergerhard

Meringues? Cake with icing or something else altogether? It isn’t evident at first glance what exactly it is you’re looking at when you first encounter the sculptures of Berlin artist Anke Eilergerhard. But one thing is certain: you will definitely get hungry. Hungry for more!

If Marie Antoinette could travel through time to the here and now, she would probably not only order countless pieces of jewellery from Harry Winston, Cartier and the like to be sent to Versailles, but would surely also decorate the rooms of her former residence with Anke Eilergerhard’s extraordinary sculptures.

The Berlin native has been focusing on the three-dimensional shape of whipped cream dollops since 2004 and has perfected it over the years – the composition of the silicone she uses is a strictly guarded secret. The strikingly colourful sculptures, which are meticulously arranged to form shapes that at times seem to defy gravity, are situated between modernity and baroque. This is particularly evident in the series “Annas”, for which Anne Eilergerhard combined silicone with kitschy floral porcelain from Karlsbad. Her works regularly draw crowds at international art fairs and in countless museums around the world. The Mona Lisa and the Bust of Cleopatra? Don’t stand a chance!

If you keep your eyes open, you may also spot the works of the Berlin artist in shop windows from Rome and New York to Tokyo.

Photos: Holger-Biermann/Galerie Tammen & Partner