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STYLE | 14.05.2015

Andrea Karg on … Watches

Time has to be among the rarest commodities in fashion. The seasons are tightly scheduled, which is why after the collection always means before the (next) collection. Here Andrea Karg reveals, which watches support her during this creative marathon:

“Shoes and watches are my favourite accessories – yes, watches are totally my thing, for example a sporty Rolex, such as the Oyster Perpetual Lady-Datejust, one of the first women’s watches that has been certified as a chronometer. I prefer stainless steel, though, to gold, and like my watches to be distinctive and robust.

I also love Patek Philippe watches with their classic, timeless design. There is so much love in every detail, and you can almost feel the Stern family tradition behind these watches when wearing them. I particularly like the sporty Nautilus line, which combines a robust, angular design and simple rubber strap with the artisanal perfection the brand is known for.

To build a similar legendary heritage, and to maintain it, as these two brands have succeeded in doing, is my goal with Allude as well. And we are working hard every day to achieve this.”

Photos: Patek Philippe, Rolex