STYLE | 06.08.2015

Andrea Karg on … Teamwork

“If there is one important rule for entrepreneurs, it’s this: without employees – the right kind of employees – nothing goes. Therefore, every executive should take them seriously and appreciate their valuable input. Sure, we are a fashion business that wants to achieve the best possible results with the best products we can design and manufacture. But in the process I never forget that my colleagues have a life, families and friends outside of work.

Of course, fashion is never a nine-to-five job – at times you have to give up a Saturday or pull a night shift just before a fashion show. But in exchange I sometimes cook for the whole team if we have to work an extra day and we all eat together. When I ask employees about this issue, they often mention the term “respect,” closely followed by “well-being” – regardless of whether the person in question has been with us for a long time or joined our team just recently. That to me is a great endorsement of the company culture we maintain at Allude.”