STYLE | 02.08.2015

Andrea Karg on … Milestones

“Bringing cashmere of the highest quality to the catwalk in an original and innovative way – subtle, feminine, luxurious, sexy and urban – was one of our most important statements back in 2009, and it certainly still is today. Sure, there had always been knitted garments at fashion shows, but they had never been the star of the show. And certainly not pure cashmere. At Allude we give everything to not only keep our finger on the pulse of our time with our fashion, but also to showcase and further the craft, the magic of the material and the diversity of the design. We have, for example, incorporated intarsia in cashmere and have worked with Swarovski crystals, beads and a large variety of leathers.

Today you can find us at all major fashion houses in London, another fantastic achievement we worked hard for. We show our collections in Paris –on the official calendar even – and have a trade presence in New York. We also developed our own Cashmere Care line, together with a brand that actually specializes in natural cosmetics. And recently we’ve launched the Cashmere Clinic. It has always been my motivation to create an all-encompassing experience with this precious wool, and I think we’ve come pretty close to achieving that goal.”