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STYLE | 01.07.2015

Andrea Karg on … Inspiration

“I’m often asked where I get my inspiration and how exactly the creative process works. People wonder whether, for example, when I see an exotic shell on the beach while on holiday, it might then become the next season’s topic. But my work as creative director of Allude does not consist of such a fixed sequence of ideas, a new collection, the fashion show – followed by another kiss of the muse. Creativity can rarely be forced into such a strict pattern or schedule.

I’m generally a curious person and always “on”. Day and night I collect impressions, moments, pictures and sounds – some touch me more than others. And some of these impulses mature into a concrete idea which I then follow up on either right that instant or later. Every now and then I wake up at night with a creative thought on my mind that I have to write down immediately, so as not to forget it. I therefore always keep a small writing pad and a pen on my bedside table. That’s the way I’ve always done it.

Art is definitely an important source of inspiration for me, but I would still say that my creativity is inspired by all kinds of genres and diverse influences, the sum of which is then turned into our cashmere fashion. Allude is the essence of everything that I experience.”