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CULTURE | 14.03.2015

Andrea Karg on … Art

To contemplate a painting or sculpture in all its details simultaneously relaxes and inspires Andrea Karg. Some artists she has followed for years, witnessing their ascent from newcomer to stardom in the art scene. Here she introduces us to a few of her all-time favourites:

“I have always been fascinated by art and am interested in a variety of genres or artistic disciplines. Take the fragile paper cuttings by Scottish artist Georgia Russell, for example. Or the stunning portraits and architectural photographs by Thomas Ruff from Dusseldorf. Both have been among my personal top 5 for years. And then there’s Tomás Saraceno from Argentina who does these futuristic installations featuring complex networks of cells or capsules.

Ólafur Elíasson, in my opinion, is another rare talent who is in his own league. Who could ever forget the four artificial waterfalls he built in 2008, right in the Hudson River, facing the tip of Manhattan? One of the Danish artist’s light sculptures is on display right here in Munich in the lobby of the Lenbachhaus, by the way. It is called ‘Wirbelwerk’ (“whirlwind work”). Last but not least there is Yang Shaobin from China (read more about him elsewhere in this magazine) with his XL-sized paintings featuring bold, occasionally even gruesome motifs.

At the heart of my own humble art collection are feminine topics, which serve as a guiding red thread for me and provide the small collection with a distinct profile. Despite the highly speculative art market, which spikes prices to insane levels, I will always follow this passion for art as a hobby.”