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BEAUTY | 30.11.2016

Allude Xmas Calendar: Gift Guide for Her

The question “What would you like for Christmas?” usually starts to creep up in conversations at the same time as Christmas Stollen and gingerbread make their first appearance, no later than at the end of August. If you are still looking for an answer, you will find not just one but six suggestions from the Allude team here. Soon to be continued with a list for men, the little ones, and home sweet home. Have fun gift giving and receiving!

Cashmere sweater in navy blue by Allude

Cashmere sweater in navy blue by Allude

Putting on your favourite pair of jeans and your beloved lipstick colour are sometimes simply not enough when you’re having one of those notorious “everything-goes-wrong days”: The fabric pinches and a pimple has grown overnight to boot. One of those days when a woman would rather be invisible. A great remedy when you feel an “I’ll stay in bed”-mood come on? A simple but beautiful cashmere sweater that loves us just as we are – especially when we need it most. Classic V-neck, a perfect shade of blue, soft wool. Everything will be fine!

Leather notebook by Caran D’Ache

Leather notebook by Caran D’Ache
You’ll know for sure that the holidays are over when your festival roast-induced slumber is pierced by the soft “ping” of your e-mail inbox. The number of unopened messages quickly exceeds the number of cookies consumed. Pretty office supplies like this orange-coloured notebook made of calf leather will make sure that the “back-to-work blues” evaporates quickly. And not only because of the cheerful colour.

Candle „Nikko“ by Kartell

Candle „Nikko“ by Kartell
Is it a UFO? A vase? A bowl? This chameleon among candles is sure to provoke curious looks and give your visitors something to talk about. With its exceptional form, “Nikko” by Kartell could pass as almost anything. Once the wick has dissolved into smoke and the candle’s wonderful aromas of tangerine and green lime have evaporated, the container can be used as a wonderfully artful decorative object.

„J'adore la mode mais c'est tout ce que je deteste“ by Loïc Prigent

„J’adore la mode mais c’est tout ce que je deteste“ by Loïc Prigent
The French film director is known not only for his outstanding fashion films, but above all for his very good hearing. At the annual Fashion Weeks in Paris, the 43-year-old regularly picks up bonmots – ranging from funny to bizarre – from the front row, which he then shares with the world via Twitter. He now collected the funniest sentence fragments in a book: from mild bitching to someone’s honest opinion about a not soooo successful collection. Make sure to read in the original!

Long gloves by Allude

Long gloves by Allude
While it can’t be airy enough in summer, on some frosty mornings, it is extremely tempting to stay under the warm covers. Once the thermometer reaches below zero, we couldn’t care less about Boho Chic and Normcore, and the most popular trend could be called “hermetic sealing”. This doesn’t sound particularly elegant, unless you opt for stylish alternatives such as these: long gloves made of merino and cashmere wool in a classic noble grey.

Goop Fragrance „Edition 01 - Winter 2016“

Goop Fragrance „Edition 01 – Winter 2016“
Before Gwyneth Paltrow lets creams touch her skin whose list of contents gives you a headache just by reading them, the 43-year-old prefers to take matters in her own hands. In addition to facial oil, cleanser, night cream and eye cream, she has now developed a perfume for the first time. Like all Goop products “Edition 01 – Winter 2016” is free of any alarming ingredients and has a wonderful aroma of cypress, vanilla and coffee. The healing properties of plant extracts are also supposed to have a positive effect on the body.

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