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STYLE | 08.10.2015

Allude Show in Paris S/S 2016: The Rise of Imperfection

On October 7th, Allude, under the guidance of creative director Andrea Karg, presented its summer 2016 collection in the Salle Melpomène, part of the École Nationale Supérieure of the Beaux Arts de Paris during Fashion Week. The collection, titled „The Rise of Imperfection“, focuses on the body’s core in all its diversity.

“I drew my inspiration from the fascinating fossils of organic fibres, which appealed to me so acutely that I translated their shapes into soft and flowing cashmere structures and surfaces without losing their dynamism and strength. I want to breathe lightness and movement into these shapes this way to make them wearable. I brought some of the shapes to life quite specifically with jewellery.”

Gently wrapped and folded cashmere creates unseen knitted surfaces which are playfully combined with flared skirts featuring elements of linen and denim to produce a consistent silhouette. The deconstruction of the individual creations underlies the concept of the collection.

The collection uses the art of knitting to reveal the seemingly incomplete and imperfect and thus gives insight into details that otherwise remain hidden. White is the basis, a hint of transparent green attracts additional attention to the light yet sophisticated creations, which radiate an air of calm. The pullovers, cardigans and waistcoats communicate the lightness and naturalness so typical for Allude.

Creative director Andrea Karg’s joy of experimentation is also echoed in the use of high quality cashmere blends that support the knitted structures – forever banishing the corset and anything that constricts from your wardrobe: “For me spontaneity, flexibility and lightness are part of every woman’s zeitgeist. It inspires and drives me to translate this into cashmere.”

P.S. Watch the show video here.