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STYLE | 04.01.2017

Allude goes Kitzbühel: Our First Ever Concept Store

Kitzbühel is worth a visit not only because of its excellent ski slopes and breathtaking scenery, both in winter and summer. The first Allude flagship store now adds another highlight to the traditional luxury destination, located at just below 800 meters above sea level. Under the direction of Andrea Karg, owner and creative director of the Munich cashmere label, the award-winning interior designer Dr. Regina Dahmen-Ingenhofen from Düsseldorf designed an interior that is as modern as it is warm and inviting. Fine marble, matte wood and lounge-like, custom-designed seating are highlighted by the lighting concept of the renowned Weilheim company Tropp Lighting Design.

From the outset, however, the main focus of the discovery tour through the more than 130-square-meter-large and two-storey-high store, are the cashmere collections. No detail of the street number 12 in the Josef-Herold-Strasse underscores this more impressively than the ellipsis-shaped arrangement of chains, reminiscent of knitting, which is suspended from the ceiling like a chandelier near the entry. In the middle of the elegant silver tangle, selected designs by Andrea Karg are showcased, adding colour highlights.

Other shopfitting tricks elsewhere in the Allude flagship store in Kitzbühel also celebrate the star of the store, the most beautiful fashion material in the world. For example, the custom-designed shelving system with refined mirror surfaces. “Our concept underpins my personal expectations of retail and the brand today,” says Andrea Karg, summarizing the results of many months of brainstorming and construction efforts. Of course, all facets of the Allude cosmos are represented in Kitzbühel: from women’s and men’s fashion to designs for babies and the home collection to the popular Cashmere Care series and the first comprehensive book on the luxury wool.

But for the Allude founder it was not enough to present her own collections. She envisions her first concept store to be as flexible and surprising as a gallery, and so, in addition to cashmere fashion, it also offers matching treasures from related product areas, from fashionable military jackets from New York and splendidly kitschy ceramics from Berlin to selected lifestyle magazines and a premium shampoo, which, for instance, actress Keira Knightley uses to tame her mane. Aesthetic “food for the soul” is the motto based on which self-made woman Andrea Karg curates what is on offer. In her own words she describes her credo as follows: “Everything that touches the heart. And in particular things with an eureka moment or a special twist”.

These are the brands that can be found, besides Allude, in the new flagship store in Kitzbühel:

Harvey Faircloth

The typical wearer of Harvey Faircloth designs finds her inspiration everywhere: from Grandpa’s wardrobe to the catwalks of Paris to the flea markets of Clignancourt and Rose Bowl. The collections of the New York lifestyle brand are similarly multifaceted. The mix of different colours, textures and materials provides the wearer with countless possibilities. Cool and chic designs such as the field jacket made of olive twill and brown artificial fur make a perfect combination with Allude’s classic cashmere pieces. Tailoring with just the right amount of coolness – We like!

Made in Youthland
Finding the right skin care is about as difficult as finding the perfect jeans. With the products of the Portuguese cosmetics brand Made in Youthland, the search (at least with regard to skin care) could soon come to an end. The high-quality formulas are based on natural, organic and herbal ingredients, which are combined with innovative active ingredients from the laboratory. High-tech meets nature and does not promise too little. By the way: The products are gender-free and therefore also great for husband or boyfriend!

Géraldine Carfield
“Jewellery of a different kind” is the concept of Géraldine Carfield, who designs and produces her pieces in the heart of Paris and uses only elegant and rare materials, colours and shapes. We at Allude admire not only her unique ideas, but also her vision and passion for opening up a new, fresh dimension to the world of jewellery. This is also reflected in the collection “Frangies & Pearls”, which we have exclusively selected for our store. The fancy fringe details of the pearl bracelets endow even the simplest styling with a bit of hippyish ease.

Le Cord
As soon as we’ve charged our smartphone, the charging cable vanishes again in the depths of the drawer. After all, they’re usually nothing to look at. Not so the models of Le Cord. Since 2013 the Swedish brand has been offering charging and sync cables which are real eye-catchers, whether made of leather, with wood details, in an elegant rose gold colour or featuring a colourful camouflage pattern. At Allude, we are above all impressed by the idea of ​​turning a simple charging cable into a fashionable it-piece. In the editorial department it is especially the models in bright pink and yellow which put everyone in a good mood on dark winter days or in cases of Monday blues.

Être Cécile
Être Cecile is known for its unusual creations inspired by Parisian chic. The London label combines trendiness with comfort and is aimed primarily at those women who want to be comfortable but still look stylish. The colourful t-shirts and dresses printed with funny slogans in striking colours can be perfectly paired with all of the Allude designs in warmer or more vivid shades. By the way, the label was co-founded by the Australian street-style icon Yasmin Sewell, who recently revealed her personal styling tips to us in an interview.

Iles Formula
After the launch of Iles Formula it did not take long for the products of star stylist Wendy Iles to conquer bathrooms by storm. In the US the pretty helpers are as integral as coconut water and fitness tracker. Stars like Heidi Klum or Eva Longoria have been swearing by them for a long time and cannot do without. No wonder. The shampoos, conditioners and serums are based exclusively on high-grade, antioxidant ingredients and, moreover, are suitable for all hair types. Severely damaged hair especially benefits from the nurturing formulas and is pampered and strengthened.

False eyelashes? Easy! The American label Paperself takes it a step further and even makes an art out of it. Instead of simple hair, the lashes consist of delicate paper, featuring pretty patterns such as floral designs or ornate baroque elements. The lashes can be attached and cut in a variety of ways – so you can be as creative as you like. The brand’s non-toxic and skin-friendly body tattoos in the shape of floral scrolls, bows and butterflies are eyecatchers as well. Make sure to keep them in mind for the Coachella Festival 2017!

Eikosi Dyo
What makes the refined jewellery of Mélanie Nydegger so captivating is above all its beauty and convincing simplicity. Each piece of jewellery is designed by the Parisian designer herself and painstakingly hand-crafted. Nydegger finds inspiration for her collection above all in Greece, where she spent part of her childhood. At Allude we particularly appreciate the time-honoured, traditional way the jewellery is created, giving each piece a unique and original charm.

The Marie-Stella-Maris brand, founded in Amsterdam, focuses not only on natural care products but also on the finest of mineral waters. The body and face creams available in the Allude store have been carefully selected to offer you the best products for maximum well-being. Their look and packaging is characteristic of the values ​the brand represents: pure and stylish. Allude also supports the Marie-Stella-Maris campaign, which pledges to donate a fixed sum of money for drinking water projects around the world for each product purchased.

Kühn Keramik
The creations of the Berlin craft studio Kühn Keramik have hardly anything in common with old-fashioned ceramics as you may know them from your grandparents. The mix of exquisite porcelain with baroque and kitsch elements does not only provide a topic of conversation around the kitchen table but is also sure to produce the notorious “need-to-have” effect among your circle of friends. In addition to selected cups, bowls and plates with vintage prints, you will also find perfumed candles in the Kitzbühel store. The incense-scented candle was a collaboration of Kühn Keramik with the English perfumer James Heeley and was designed exclusively for Allude.

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