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STYLE | 30.05.2015

Allude & Friends: Stylist Samuel Drira on Bach and Claude Brouet

The fashion world is full of unique characters, of people bursting with imagination, always eager to try something new. French stylist, fashion editor, founder of the newspaper Encens and creative consultant Samuel Drira is all of that and more, and we are thrilled to introduce this long-time collaborator of Andrea Karg to our readers. With Samule at her side Andrea Karg envisioned and created her own exciting way of presenting the world of Allude on a runway. Finally, Samuel Drira is creative director of the brand Nehera and has worked for Hugo Boss, The Row, Honest by, Damir Doma and Hermès. Let’s chat with this visionary artist!

How do you start your day?
With a large glass of fresh water.

Which beauty product​ or tool​ do you rely on most?
My shower gel of the moment.

The coolest song on your iPod or iPhone?
Some great piece by Johann Sebastian Bach.

How would you describe your own style​ of clothing​?
As long as I am not wearing slim-fit pants, anything goes.

Can you remember your first garment made of cashmere?
A grey round-neck sweater by Allude in size XXL. Its high quality makes it almost indestructible.

What is your favourite piece of the Allude Spring/Summer Collection 2015?
I love the combination of a tone-in-tone hand-embroidered tube skirt with an almost weightless sweater. Both are very difficult to make, but the look seems effortless.

Allude & Friends: Stylist Samuel Drira on Bach, Proust and Venice
Making-of: Allude Show in New York, 2010

When ​and how ​did you discover your passion for ​fashion and styling?
That was in 1979 when I was still a kid. I saw a catwalk report in a glossy magazine and have been hooked ever since.

What are the “ingredients” of a great ​outfit?

Please share ​some style do’s and don’ts for this summer with our readers.
Even the most body-hugging garment should never distract from your intelligence.

Who are your ​style icons?
Claude Brouet! She was editor-in-chief at Elle and Marie Claire in France, and later, from 1988 to 1997, she was in charge of prêt-à-porter at Hermès. She even introduced semi-transparent looks for this then very traditional yet iconic fashion house. A fearless woman with so much style.

Your greatest treasure?
That’s easy: my friends.

Your most amazing ​experience working in and with fashion?
One summer, a couple of years ago, we turned 14 Allude samples into 30 gorgeous outfits. Quite the challenge, but we pulled it off.

Allude & Friends: Stylist Samuel Drira on Bach, Proust and Venice
Making-of: Allude Show in New York, 2010

Any anecdote about Andrea Karg you’d like to share?
That is difficult, because Andrea has at least two fascinating personalities. Instead of pursuing a career in law or becoming a housewife and mother, she decided to express her very own aesthetic vision through cashmere. And when her collections became a huge success she didn’t just go the easy route towards more and more profit but kept on experimenting with her material of choice. The results have been nothing short of breathtaking. Furthermore, she’s a blast to work with. While some designers have an egomaniacal streak, she always listens intently and if she is not fond of an idea she tries to improve it rather than just discarding it. Andrea’s goal is to find a common language during the design process, she is a true team player!

How did you two meet and start working together?
She called me out of the blue 11 years ago. After our initial meeting I was not sure if she liked my work at all. Well, we’ve been collaborating ever since.

What do you like most about her?
Andrea is a true artist, yet she would never admit it to anyone. That’s how down-to-earth she is.

What makes you happy?
Working, working, working.

Your favourite book?
Anything from Marcel Proust.

Your favourite movie?
Death in Venice by the genius Luchino Visconti.

What talent would you like to have?
Not feeling stupid in front of my computer.

What are your dreams for the future?
To live in the present.

What or whom would you like to ​style?
Definitely model and actress Lauren Hutton.

Allude & Friends: Stylist Samuel Drira on Bach, Proust and Venice