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STYLE | 06.09.2017

Allude Around the World: Interview with Christian Villwock from Anita Hass

Visitors to Hamburg are first drawn to the Alster or the Elbphilharmonie? So far so wrong. The world’s fashionistas are swarming to Eppendorf – to Anita Hass, to be exact, the trendy fashion boutique on Eppendorfer Landstraße. Since the 1970s fashion enthusiasts have come to Anita Hass in their search for unique pieces. In addition to blouses, dresses and coats from Paris, Milan and New York, soft sweaters and knits by Munich-based cashmere label Allude are also available here. Our team met with boutique owner Christian Villwock for a conversation about style, happiness and a great obsession with jackets.

How would you describe your typical customer?
Charismatic, ageless, modern, cosmopolitan.

What’s the best part of being a shop owner?
My flexibility and spontaneity, both as a businessman and a creative mind. It’s a constant challenge to decide what my business needs right now to stay relevant and I can use my imagination every day.

The first thing you do in the morning?
Coffee (more than one) and newspaper!

What are the most fascinating trends in fashion right now?
The combination of street and luxury fashion. It’s cool again to make an effort and not look too casual. It’s always about the mix. A great mix makes a great style.

How would you describe your own style?
Street meets Saint Laurent.

You have only 5 minutes to get ready: what outfit do you choose? 
Black denims, black t-shirt, black boots.

How did you initially come across Allude?
My good friend Lara worked in the showroom for Allude. When I visited her, I had a look at the collection and discovered it for Anita Hass.

What do you like most about Allude and its line of clothes?
Knitwear is a very particular category with products the customer really needs but at the same time wants to have a different look in each season. Allude creates modern and special basics with a superb quality. We see these pieces on everybody: young or old, fashion-forward or more conservative.

How do you define happiness?
Family, nature, sun.

A fashion piece you can’t do without?
I guess I’m into outerwear. Most of my wardrobe is stylish for sure but it doesn’t consist of real fashion pieces. Except for my jackets perhaps. I like to discover one new key piece for myself each season. That’s just my thing.

The funniest thing that has happened in your career?
I‘m constantly surrounded with people, so funny things tend to happen every day. I can’t even think of one specific situation, but I do know that I’ve cried laughing many times.

Online or offline: How do you like to shop?
Unfortunately I have to shop online 98% because Hamburg doesn’t have the right store for me. But I definitely prefer the rare offline shopping moments, which are way more energizing.

A place in Germany you love or would like to visit?
The Ferchensee (Lake Ferchen) near Mittenwald, Bavaria.

Photos: anitahass.com