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STYLE | 15.04.2016

360 Degrees Cashmere at Munich Press Dates F/W 2016

In order to give as many magazine editors – from B as in Brigitte to V as in Vogue –, freelance journalists, stylists and bloggers as possible the opportunity to see the next fall and winter of Allude before the start of summer, we open our Munich showroom for a day each April.

360 Grad Cashmere bei den Munich Press Dates

At this year’s event, featuring the fall/winter collection 2016/2017, our Home and Baby collections, the Care Series and our new Cashmere-Buch, there was no shortage of content for the numerous visitors who stopped by between 9am and 6pm, providing them with plenty of material for upcoming fashion shoots, trend stories, product tips, blog posts and Instagram snapshots. One of the highlights: the mixed pattern jumpers with rhinestones!

360 Grad Cashmere bei den Munich Press Dates

Our Cashmere Clinic, located just a few meters away, was once again a favourite, and after the presentation of the collection, which is inspired by the Californian way of life, many people made their way over to it in brilliant sunshine. Experiencing on site how our professional team transformed neglected cashmere treasures suffering from one or the other wool-ache into ravishing garments once again that are sure to become favourites, was something nobody could get enough of. You could hear people exclaim, “Oh, I have a ‘patient’ at home as well” more than once.

360 Grad Cashmere bei den Munich Press Dates

Allude for the first time showed the collection together with other brands and PR agencies during the Munich Press Dates. That made it easy for visitors to plan their day efficiently – thanks also to several shuttle buses – and made it possible for them to enjoy a common culinary finale at the Members’ Club at the now legendary Heart.

360 Grad Cashmere bei den Munich Press Dates

Visit the gallery to see some impressions. A heartfelt thank you for all your interest and the many exciting questions. Bye for now!


Photos: Allude; Phil Pham for Munich Press Dates