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Andrea Karg

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Allude Cashmere

Andrea Karg

Her boundless creativity and absolute passion for luxury cashmere wool are her motivation: Andrea Karg, founder and creative director of the Allude brand, is a visionary when it comes to cashmere style. She has succeeded in turning an idea into an international high-fashion brand, which has been highly successful in the luxury segment for more than 20 years now.

Her passion for cashmere began in her youth, when Andrea Karg felt for the first time how smooth and soft this wonderful material is. “It was love at first touch – long before I even owned a garment made of cashmere.” Fascinated by the softness of the precious fibre, she had the idea of founding ​​a cashmere line of her own.

Armed with intuition, creativity and determination, Andrea Karg begins her self-made career in 1993. She completely redefines cashmere, transforming the silky smooth wool into fashionable jumpers and cardigans and translating the sensuality of the material into smart, feminine and unconventional collections. Her first piece, a fitted V-neck sweater in 15 different colours, immediately finds its way into Germany’s leading fashion stores. The sweater, Allude’s “perfect piece”, is still regarded as the brand’s bestselling design.

Luxurious, attractive, self-assured and surprising – the common thread that runs through all of the designs is Andrea Karg’s love to experiment with her favourite material, continuously opening up new dimensions and going beyond limitations. Thus she was one of the first to successfully incorporate intarsia in cashmere, later followed by Swarovski crystals, pearls, leather and fur. The result? Sensual cashmere knitwear –cuddly soft gems that combine craftsmanship, technical expertise and modern design and at the same time meet the highest quality standards.

Cashmere in various shapes, colours, types of mesh and patterns: Andrea Karg presents the coveted commodity from the Himalayas on the catwalk as the first label exclusively specialized in cashmere. Since 2012 Allude has been the only German fashion brand which shows its collection during the official calendar of the Paris Fashion Week.

Her company is based in Munich, but her customers come from all over the world. You can buy Allude cashmere in more than 30 countries. In Germany alone you’ll find it at more than 200 premium addresses, and some 700 international retailers carry the brand, including key customers such as Le Bon Marché in Paris, Harrods and Selfridges in London, Barneys in New York, TSUM in Moscow as well as the online luxury fashion portal Net-a-Porter.

Andrea Karg knew from the outset that you need more than just a vision. Reinventing herself daily, always being at the cutting edge, sharing her enthusiasm and conveying her passion for cashmere down to the smallest detail – as a leader and role model the designer represents the concept of her company in an impressive manner to this day.