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Since 1999 the company’s headquarters have been at Seitzstrasse 8 in Munich’s Lehel, just a stone’s throw from the world-famous boulevard of Maximilianstrasse. The appeal of this “quarter” is very special. If there is a Bavarian equivalent to St. Germain in Paris or New York’s Soho, then it’s Lehel in Munich. Its close proximity to the glamorous monobrand stores of international luxury brands and its warm appeal, which combines elegance with Bavarian comfort, lends the quarter its unique charm: Cosmopolitan, luxurious, yet with a certain informality. Were you to ask the Allude team at company headquarters how they gauge the in-house mood, it’s likely they would - by extension - name a similar set of attributes. 
Covering 600 square metres, the head office provides the powerhouse for the brand’s strength of focus. There’s also an in-house showroom for editorial teams and press representatives. Fostering direct contact and immediate exchange. Andrea Karg does not believe in protecting herself with layers of staff. Cashmere is the only exception - and we can’t deny her success in that respect!




In just twenty years Allude has established a global presence. These days international sales account for some 40% of turnover. The luxury brand has been especially successful in France and Paris - the latter still remains the stern matriarch of haute couture. Even there, as a German designer, creative director Andrea Karg is feted by many editors: whether French VOGUE, ELLE, L’OFFICIEL, MADAME FIGARO or NUMÈRO – the glossy magazines love “la belle Andrea”, dedicating features and portraits to her and presenting her luxury collection in their high profile international fashion photo series for maximum global impact. 

The brand is thus appropriately represented on the French retail market by stores such as FRANCK & FILS, KOMPLEX or LE BON MARCHÉ. Worldwide Allude has showrooms - in addition to Munich and Paris - in Amsterdam, Antwerp, Düsseldorf, Copenhagen, Milan, New York, Salzburg and Vienna, and retails in over 700 high-end outlets, including HARVEY NICHOLS. 


The collection

In an interview with German GALA magazine, creative director Andrea Karg neatly sums up the collection concept, “Our classics are so trendy they don’t look boring, and our trends are so classic they’re wearable.” Luxury basics typical of cashmere are equally a part of the brand spectrum as characteristically unique cashmere couture pieces a la Allude. Germany’s TEXTILWIRTSCHAFT goes so far as to talk about cashmere lyricism and asserts that “structure is the new colour”. Whether ultralight in texture or as multi-ply thicker weights. Andrea Karg even creates those items you would only expect to see in fabric in knitted form. Including mini panties! Knits are celebrated - from the ultra-progressive dungarees in chunky, one-centimetre structures, to transparent tank tops in wafer-thin quality. Textures and jacquard patterns, often combined in a single piece, have not only caught the eye of German VOGUE, “Luxurious. Lovingly detailed and supremely comfortable. Sophisticated.” As well as pullovers, the collection includes coats, jackets, cardigans, pants, tops, cache coeurs, twinsets, fringed dresses, cape dresses, overalls, trousers or skirts. Some are pepped up with diamante or sequins. Or follow the latest trend in distressed and military looks. The international luxury press have pronounced them to be absolute must-haves, presenting sequentially them in their photo runs: whether in the various national or international issues (the latter often share the same name) of ELLE, COSMOPOLITAN, GALA, GRAZIA, INSTYLE, MADAME, MADAME FIGARO, MARIE CLAIRE NUMÉRO or VOGUE: ALLUDE is at the cutting edge of fashion design!